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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Fifty - Two

            Not only did Rosarita get their room changed for a suite, she also received a printed invitation to a VIP party in the Magiriano Leopard Suite at six o'clock that evening. She fingered the white and gold card triumphantly. Having balls was good, it paid off every time.

            'Look,' she said, waving the invitation under Dexter's nose, 'we're invited and we're going.'

            'What about the other?' Dexter said.

            'They're not invited, so they're not going.'

            'That isn't fair,' Dexter said. 'You know how my mom would love it.'

            'God, Dex, you're such a mommy's boy,' she jeered. 'Grow up. They can go do something else while we party. We'll meet them later.'

            'You're sure you can't get them invited too?' he asked, certain she could if she put her mind to it.

            'No, Dex,' Rosarita said, pursing her lips. 'This is VIP party.' 'You've positive?'

            'Oh, for God's sake! she snapped. 'I'm going shopping.' 'You went shopping yesterday in Beverly hills.'

            'Are you paying the bills?' she asked testily. 'Is that the problem here?'

            'No, but I thought we might all hang out together today.'

            'Not me. I'll meet everyone later for lunch.'

            'Chas mentioned Spago. My mom's all excited.'

            'Christ! A tube of toothpaste would excite her!'

            'Don't be bitchy, Rosarita. You were never like that when we first met.'

            'That was a long time ago, Dex.'

            'It hasn't even been two years.'

            'It seems like twenty-two.'

            It pointless to argue with Rosarita. She always made sure she had the last word. 'I'm going jogging,' he said. 'I'll meet you at Spago in Caesar's Palace at one o'clock. Don't be late.'

            'Can't wait,' she muttered.

            As soon as he left the room, she hurried into the bathroom and extracted the bottle of lethal poison from its hiding place at the bottom of her makeup case. Now that the time was drawing near she was beginning to get nervous. What if the poison didn't work? What if Dex didn't die and she was stuck with him for ever? She couldn't stand it. It had to work. Why wouldn't it?

            The next question was, how to do it? Her original plan had been to slip it into his drink before they went downstairs. But if she did that, she'd be the only one around, therefore she might be accused at a later time.

            No, the place to do the deadly deed was at the VIP cocktail party. That way she could slip it into his drink while they were surrounded by people, and she would never be a suspect.

            But how to achieve that without anybody noticing? It shouldn't be that difficult. Rosarita was excellent at solving problems.


            The moment Chas opened his eyes after taking a short nap, he was ready to gamble. 'Let's go,' he instructed Varoomba, thrusting a couple of hundred dollars at her. 'Get yourself some chips and cruise the casino. We're gonna make us some money.'

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