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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Fifty - Three

            'This is great,' Madison said, lying on the sundeck of the boat they'd rented, her head thrown back to the sun, enjoying doing nothing, thinking about nothing, merely relaxing and having a nice time with a man she liked.

            'I'm kind of liking it myself,' Jake agreed. He'd been snapping away with his camera, but she'd hardly noticed.

            'I feel so relaxed,' she said, well aware that when this assignment was over she had to get her life together and discover exactly what her father was all about. But right now she didn't have to do a thing. Right now she could live in the moment and simply enjoy being with Jake.

            'Do you have a ringside seat tonight?' he asked.

            'I guess so. Can't wait to have their blood splattered all over me.'

            'That's a gruesome thought.'

            'Boxing is such an archaic sport. Two guys beating the crap out of each other. For what? Entertainment? Isn't that going back to Roman times and the gladiators?'

            'Things never change,' he said. 'They just go round in circles.'

            'And he's philosophical too,' she murmured.

            'Last night was special, Madison,' he said, leaning over to kiss her. 'You make me feel incredibly comfortable.'

            'That's exactly how you make me feel,' she said. 'I think this means we're going to be seeing more of each other,' he said.

            'That depends on you doesn't it?' she said, adding a flippant, 'got any trips to Paris coming up?'

            'Very funny,' he said, kissing her again.

            'I'm serious, Jake. Where is your next assignment?'

            'No idea. You hit on it last night when you called me a wanderer. It's true - I Amber like that. I have no home, I prefer staying in hotels.'

            'Where's your stuff?'

            'Who has stuff?' he said quizzically.

            'Normal people.'

            'Maybe I'm not normal.'

            'Well,' she said, stretching, 'I'm considering going to L.A. for a few weeks after I leave here. I need to get my head straight about my father. I miss him and yet I don't. I love him and yet I hate him. does that make sense?'


            'I have to find out the truth.'

            'You will. In your own time.'

            'Jake,' she said seriously, 'you don't have to follow me around. We can keep in touch and get together when it suits both of us. I'm not a clingy person, you know.'

            'You're not clingy at all. And, believe me, I can tell you about clingy women.

            'Can you now?' she said, amused.

            'There have been other women.'


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