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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Fifty - Four

            People stared at Leon Blaine. They started even harder when they realized that Carrie Hanlon was in his party. It was the kind of group that made people step back. Of course, they were surrounded by several not-so-discreet bodyguards as they headed for a limo to take them from the Mirage to Caesar's Palace for lunch. Carrie was dressed for attention in a man's stole pale blue pin-stripe suit with a low-cut waistcoat. She looked stunning.

            'Marty promised to drop by,' Joel informed her.

            'As in Scorsese?' she replied.

            'You got it, babe.'

            Although Joel didn't fancy Carrie Hanlon, it was definitely a kick to be seen with her. The way people gaped! It was like she was a movie star or something.

            Joel had only dated one movie star, and that had been a miserable experience. He'd always thought models were the ego queens, but he had been wrong, movie stars were way ahead in that field. All the girl had talked about was her next movie , her co-star, her director, and every producer in town. Also, he soon found out that if someone more important entered the room, she was away and running.

            No, movie stars were not for him.

            He'd noticed Amber Rowe lurking around the casino. Skinny piece of ass. Not his style at all. Although he had to admit that actress-wise she was the real deal.

            After breakfast with Carrie, he's spent the morning flitting from one casino to another. The Magiriano was on his case. He owed money. Big.

            So what? His credit line was good anywhere.

            Eventually he'd run into Jamie Nova and played a couple of games of blackjack with her. When it came to gambling she didn't know shut. But she was his entrée to Madison, so he kept on her good side.

            Leon had an entourage of friends join them for lunch. A Bolivian tin billionaire with his decades -younger wife. A jockey and his stately black girlfriend. Two financiers, and an internet mogul.

            They were settled at a prime table, whereupon dishes of food were laid out for them to sample.

            Joel nibbled on a piece of duck pizza and considered returning to the strip club to while away the afternoon before the big fight.

            Why not? Maybe he'd discover a stripper he fancied fucking.


            From across the room, Rosarita spotted Joel walking in with Carrie Hanlon, and was rendered speechless. How could this be happening? Joel, in Vegas, with the most famous supermodel of all? This was a bad joke.

            She slid down in her seat, unwilling for him to see her with this group.

            Chas and Varoomba's grandma were apparently old friends and, boy, were they making up for lost time. Varoomba was livid. She sat at the table, silicone tits sticking out, mouth slightly open as she listened to Chas and Renee reminisce.

            'Hey, Charlie, remember that time in Atlanta when you couldn't find your pants?' Renee said loudly, trying to break his balls.

            'The racetrack thing?' he said, chuckling at the memory.

            'Yeah, remember that? An' I thought you were such a winner. Little did I know you were busy cheating.'

            'Watch it!' Chas said, roaring with raucous laughter. 'I don't cheat, get that into your pea-sized brain.' 'Pea-sized brain, huh?' Renee shrieked. 'Better than having a pea-sized dick like someone I know.'

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