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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Fifty - Five

            'I think we'll skip the party,' Madison said, on the drive back to their hotel.

            'What party is that?' Jake asked.

            'Some kind of VIP party Natalie wants us to go to. I'd sooner catch the action in Antonio's dressing room. And I'm sure you wouldn't mind getting more photos before the fight, huh?'

            'Good idea,' Jake said. 'I'm not into parties.'

            'Nor am I .'

            'Although your friend did mention that we're all having dinner after the fight.'

            'What friend, and who's we ?'

            'Natalie. She called while you were in the showered and invited us to dinner after the fight.'

            'What friend, and who's we?'

            'Natalie. She called while you were in the shower and invited us to dinner after the fight.'

            'Why didn't you tell me before?'

            'I forgot.'

            'Thanks, Jake. You take great messages.'

            'So that's what you want me for - to be a message-taker?'

            'No,' she said teasingly. 'I want you for your great big sexy.'



            'I wondered what you were about to say.'

            'I bet you did.'

            'Anyway, sweetheart, is dinner okay with you?'

            'I'd sooner have room service,' she said wistfully. 'Last night was memorable. The things you can do with caviar that I'd never even thought about!'

            'Not to mention champagne.'

            'I heard no complaints.'

            'So, dinner is on, then?'

            'Okay, but let me warn you, Natalie loves celebrations, and I happen to hate them. So no birthday cake. I repeat, no cake. Make sure, okay?'

            'I hardly know Natalie, so how Amber I supposed to persuade her not to do something?'

            'Tell her I don't want it. You can do that, can't you?'

            'It's your birthday, sweetheart, I can do anything you want.


            Rosarita dressed for the party in the best Escada had to offer. She'd thought long and hard about what to wear for the big fight, and the very expensive Escada black and white dress purchased on Rodeo Drive was the perfect choice.

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