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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Fifty - Six

            Invitations to the very exclusive party at the Magiriano had to be presented at door before entry was gained.

            Rosarita thrust her invitation at the girl with the list. 'Mr and Mrs Dexter Falcon,' she said grandly.

            'Oh, hi, Mr Falcon,' the girl said, smiling straight at Dexter and ignoring Rosarita. 'Love your show.'

            It seemed people in Vegas knew him a lot better than people in New York. Well, they'd certainly hear about him today when he dropped dead somewhere in the hotel. Rosarita patted her purse. The bottle of poison was in place. All she had to do was pour it in his drink and make sure he drained his glass. Then it was goodbye , Dex - and hello Joel.

            Although now she had a new problem. How was she supposed to get Joel to dump Carrie Hanlon?

            Of course, she could slip her some poison, too.

            Ha ha! Very funny! A serial killer she was not.

            Anyway, Rosarita felt secure that once she told Joel about the baby, Carrie Hanlon would be history. The cocktail party was already crowded. Rosarita recognized a few famous faces and felt pleased to be mixing with the stars. She and Joel would do this in the future - come to the fights in Vegas and mingle with celebrities.

            She recognized Bruce Wills, incredibly sure of himself, with a smirky smile. And George Clooney - quite sexy. Martha would be in heaven!

            'Why did we have to come to this?' Dexter asked, not comfortable at all.

            'Because,' Rosarita explained patiently, 'it's good for your career to be seen and have your photograph taken in such illustrious company. Look who's over there. It's Nick Angel. And there's talking to Will Smith -oh, God , I used to love Alexander King when I was younger. It's quite a stellar group, Dex we should mix.'

            'It you say so,' Dexter said, wishing he was in New York with Gem. 'And you have the temerity to call me jaded,' she mocked. 'I think the shoe is on the other foot, my dear.'

            'Excuse me?' he said, frowning.

            'Nothing. What are you drinking?'

            'I'm not in the mood for a drink.'

            'Oh, c'mon, Dex - we're in Vegas for God's sake, you have to have something.'

            'I don't understand why my mom couldn't have come to this party,' he grumbled. 'I could've given her my invitation.'

            'Stop being ridiculous,' she said sharply. 'Your invitation is what got us in here.'

            'She would've loved it,'

            'So what?'

            'You're a mean woman, Rosarita. You could've arranged for another invite.'

            'I could not. This party is very exclusive. We're lucky to be here ourselves. Can't imagine how I pulled it off.'

            'You pulled it off by using my name.'

            'Why are you always bickering with me?'


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