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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Fifty - Seven

            The heady excitement of a championship fight about to take place was in the air. The lobby and casino of the Magiriano Hotel were alive with people- some going to the fight, others trying to score last-minute tickets, and a slew of wide-eyed tourists star-gazing as a continual parade of celebrities made their way down the red carpet into the arena where the preliminary bouts had already started.

            As Martha and Matt trailed behind Chas, Renee and Varoomba, Martha wished that she was standing with the fans. Watching everything out here would be much more entertaining than having to go directly to her seat.

            She couldn't wait to get home and tell her friends everything. All these celebrities- beautiful women and handsome men, TV cameras everywhere, it was almost too much to take.

            'I thought Dexter and Rosarita were meeting us,' she said, tapping Chas timidly on the shoulder as they entered the huge arena.

            'Yeah, yeah, they're gonna see us inside,' Chas said. 'They got their tickets.'

            'But it would have been so nice to have walked in with Dexter.' Martha sighed. 'Perhaps I would've been photographed with him. I often see celebrities photographed with their moms.'

            'Maybe on the way out,' Chas said offhandedly. 'Hang on to him, they'll catch a shot or two.'

             'Do you think so?' she said, eyes gleaming.

            'Yeah, yeah,' Chas said, more interested in talking to Renee, who was strutting beside him in thigh-high boots, a snakeskin miniskirt, and wide shouldered jacket. The woman might be over fifty, but she was pure dynamite. She left Varoomba trailing way behind, in her stupid pink dress, with her big silicone tits forging the way like a pair of headlights.

            Everything about Renee was the real McCoy. Chas could vouch for that.


            There were so many people crowded into Antonio's dressing room that Madison had no chance of getting near him - not that she had any desire to do so: she already had all the dumb quotes she could use.

            Jake was manoeuvring himself into corners to catch various shots of movie stars and sports personalities who kept dropping by to shake Antonio's hand and wish him luck.

            After twenty minutes of this, Madison was all set to move on. 'Are you ready to get out of here?' she asked Jake, who'd managed to catch most of the action.

            'I certainly Amber,' he replied.

            'Damn! It's crazy in there - just crazy,' she said, as they made a quick exit. 'How can he prepare? Isn't he supposed to be by himself?'

            'I heard the champ won't allow anybody in,' Jake said. 'Only his manager, a couple of trainers and his sidekick. He's very focused.'

            'Shall we make a bet?' she suggested, suddenly getting into the spirit of Vegas.

            'Do you bet?' he replied, giving her a skeptical look.

            'No. Do you?'

            'No, but since it's your birthday we could put five hundred bucks on Antonio to win.'

            'What are the odds?'

            'She doesn't bet,' he said, smiling, 'yet she wants to know the odds.'

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