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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Fifty - Eight

            Trying to staunch the flow of blood pouring from his nose, Joel staggered back into the hotel. He was beyond furious. That he, Joel Blaine, had been subjected to the indignity of being beaten up by a couple of hired thugs was unfucking believable.

            His father could buy and sell Las Vegas. And they were worried about a measly million bucks. It was unreal. It didn't make sense. Fuck'em all. He'd leave town and never come back. They could whistle 'The Star-spangled Banner' for their lousy money.

            He made it to a men's room, stuffed Kleenex up his nose and splashed cold water on his face. Then he set off for the front of the hotel.


            Jamie elected not to go to the fight, even though Mr M assured her he could get her a ticket.

            'Not interested,' she'd said. 'I'll meet you Madison's dinner.'

            'Stay away from Kris Phoenix,' Natalie said, wagging a warning finger.

            'Of course.'

            'What'll you do?' Natalie asked.

            'Play blackjack,' she'd said. 'Joel Blaine taught me everything I need to know.'

            'Stay away from him, too. We'll see you at the restaurant.' 'Call me when the fight's over so I'm not sitting there by myself.'

            'You got it.'

            She hadn't told anyone about Peter's upsetting and belligerent phone call. How dare he track her down and demand that she come home? Did he honesty believe she was too stupid to have found out what was going on? She ran a very successful interior-design business, she was no dummy.

            Peter simply didn't get it. And he sure as hell didn't get her.

            She sat at one of the blackjack tables, accepting pointers from a fat, red- faced man, in a too-tight, striped seersucker suit, who squeezed in next to her. The man made sure the champagne flowed, and her hangover from the night before soon vanished.

            Gambling was definitely the perfect way to pass the time.


            Rosarita paced back and forth by the pool, getting angrier by the minute. Was Joel Blaine actually standing her up? What kind of a shitty move was that?

            'Hi, honey,' slurred a drunken man, with a bad rug perched crookedly on the top of his head . 'Looking for company?'

            'Get lost,' she snapped.

            'I won me two hundred bucks, now I gotta find a place t' park it,' he said, with a lascivious twitch of his right eye. 'Get my drift, cutie?'

            outraged at being mistaken for hooker, Rosarita stalked off.


            Round one. Antonio on the attack. Cocky. Bouncing on the balls of his feet. Diving right in on the offensive, using his fists as lethal assault weapons.

            Bull Ali taking it all in his stride. Standing tall. Unfazed. He is, after all, the champ. The crowd picked up on the rumble and began a steady yell of encouragement.

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