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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Fifty - Nine

            The room service waiter was Cuban and, although unfortunately short, he was quite attractive. He delivered the champagne in an ice bucket with two glasses. 'Would you like me to open it?' he asked, slyly checking Jamie out.

            'Yeah,' Joel said, reaching in his pocket for a tip.

            'Oh, yes,' Jamie agreed, giggling. The waiter was so cute that if she didn't score with Joel, he'd definitely be a contender.


            Round three, and Antonio was making another stab at dominating the champ.

            No go. Bull Ali was a wall of muscle. A solid brick wall of a man with a devastating right-handed punch, which he now started to use to good effect, pounding away at Antonio's face. Not a popular move with the panther, who was very protective of his handsome features.

            By the end of the round, Bull Ali had opened a cut above Antonio's left eye, and blood was dribbling down his face.

            The crowd loved it.


            'Your message light is blinking,' Joel pointed out.

            'You pour the champagne while I listen to my messages,' Jamie said, feeling deliciously light-headed. 'Then we should do something about cleaning you up. Maybe you should buzz the valet and get them to fix your jacket.'

            'I'll take care of it at my hotel.'

            'Don't wanna take your clothes off, huh?' she teased, pointing her tongue at him in a provocative fashion.

            Talk about a come-on. This babe was panting to climb Mount Everest, no doubt about that.

            Only drawback, he still felt like shit. The ache in his balls was not abating, and his stomach was continuing to cramp - which was all he needed. 'Gotta use your bathroom,' he mumbled.

            'Go ahead,' she said, picking up the phone and pressing the message button. 'Jamie!' Peter's angry voice screaming in her ear. 'What are you thinking? Goddamnit! I know you wanted to be with Madison on her birthday, but to sneak off to Vegas without telling me is stupid and childish. I'd come get you, but you know I can't stand that city. You and I need to sit down and have a serious talk because I refuse to put up with this spoiled, selfish behavior. Grow up, Jamie. It's about time you realized you're a married woman.'

            She put down the phone incensed his words ringing in her ears. Stupid. Childish. Spoiled. Selfish

            How dare he?

            Peter's harsh words were too much, considering what he was busy doing.

            'Joel,' she yelled, jumping off the bed and stepping out of her dress, 'get in here. I'm ready to fuck your brains out!'


            Round four belonged to Bull Ali, Antonio was in trouble. The cut above his eye had deepened and split and now the blood was gushing like a geyser. Bull Ali dogged him around the ring, and Antonio was taking a lot of punishment.

            Mrs Bull Ali raised her expensive prayer-beads to her lips and kissed them with a fervent mumur of thanks.

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