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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Sixty

            Round Six. Bull Ali was the champion, and everyone knew it. Everyone, that is, except Antonio. Between rounds he'd huddled in his corner with his handlers while they'd lectured him on his next moves.

            'Stop telling me what to do,' he'd said, spitting blood into a bucket. I'm going back in there and doing it my way.'

            'Be cool, Tonio,' his manager warned. 'That's all you can do. An' if he drops you again, stay there before he does more damage.'

            'Fuck you!' Antonio hadmumbled. 'I'm gonna be champ. Y' can bet your fucking cojones on it.'

            Now he could barely see out of his left eye, but he knew if he could avoid any more punishment to the area he had a chance. And the champ did have one big weakness. His arrogance.

            Antonio got in a couple of quick body jabs. And then he went with his prize move- a solid left hook to the jaw that took Bull Ali by surprise, and almost knocked him off his feet.

            The crowd roared. The underdog was fighting back.

            Bull Ali slammed into motion, but now Antonio was fired with adrenaline and knew he had to seize the opportunity to win the battle.

            Stay focused, he told himself. Ignore the pain. You, Antonio ' The Panther Lopez , and destined to be champion.

            And from out of nowhere he turned into a ferocious dynamo, swift on his feet, skillfully avoiding Bull Ali's attempt to do further damage to the cut above his eye. He was finally living up to his reputation as The Panther. Sleep and fast, he was back in action.

            As he circled his opponent, he knew for sure that there was no way he could win this fight on points. Too late for that. His only chance was to knock the champ out. Otherwise he would definitely lose.

            Summoning every ounce of strength he had left, he slammed two more solid left hooks straight at Bull Ali's jaw- one sledgehammer blow after the other.

            To the crowd's surprise and shock, Bull Ali fell to the canvas like a lead weight and failed to get up.

            The referee started the count. 'One..two..three.'

            'Get up,' the crowd began chanting. 'Get up!!'


            'Get up, you piece of shit!' screamed Bull Ali's beautiful, serene wife.


            Pandemonium reigned.

            Antonio 'The Panther' Lopez was the new champion - exactly as he'd predicted.


            The crowd poured out of the arena , buzzing with the heady excitement of the surprise ending to a truly great fight.

            'I never thought he'd pull it off,' Madison said, as they made their way towards the entrance.

            'I did,' said Cole, close behind her. 'He's got killer eyes.'

            'Enough about the eyes,' said Mr Mogul, stopping to air-kiss Pamela Anderson, a blonde vision in a red rubber tube dress.

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