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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Sixty - One

            Antonio 'The Panther' Lopez was born to be champ. Carried aloft to his party like a king, he was surrounded by stars. He was the champion. He was the fucking champion! And he was one happy guy.

            The cut above his eye had been treated and dressed, and although - much to his chagrin - his face was swollen, he still looked good as he hit his party like a tornado, accepting all the congratulations and adulation that came his way.

            His manager was a sweating, happy wreck, as he fended off well-wishers, hangers-on, predatory females, and members of the press.

            'Mr Leon Blaine wants to meet you,' his manger whispered, shaking and sweating at the same time. 'You know who he is, Tonio?'

            'No, who is he?' Antonio said, grinning widely. 'Some big important mother-fucker?'

            'Mr Blaine is one of richest men in the world,' his manager said reverently. 'And he's with Carrie Hanlon.'

            'Aha!' Antonio exclaimed. 'Now you're talking. Is she gonna be my prize cunt for the night?' 'Watch your mouth,' his manager warned, wondering how he was ever going to control Tonio now that was the new champion.


            'I still don't understand where Joel is,' Carrie said irritably, unwilling to be stuck with Leon and the Asian prison guard, as Joel had so aptly labeled Marika.

            'Who knows with that boy?' Leon said. 'He's always been a fuck-up, excuse my language .' 'Aren't your concerned that he missed the fight?' Carrie said casually.

            'I'm never worried about anything Joel does,' Leon replied. 'As long as it doesn't cost me money.'

            Carrie checked out the crowded party to see if she knew anyone there who owned their own plane. Anything was better than hanging out with Leon and Marika.

            She wondered what had happened to Eduardo. Now that she was in the mood, he could be just the diversion she was craving. Sex with a hot young body. Always a kick!

            Across the room she spotted Jack Nicholson talking to Oliver Stone, both acquaintances of hers. Without a word of goodbye, she made her way over to them and joined in their conversation.

            'That girl is common,' Marika said, to her retreating back.

            Leon nodded. Marika was a smart woman. He was fortunate to have her: she always came through and saved him from doing anything too indiscreet.


            Dexter's mind was on fire. Rosarita was even worse than he'd imagined. 'What makes you think you're the father?' what kind of woman said a thing like that to her husband?

            He was right to leave her. She'd practically told him to his face that it wasn't his baby. But, then, she could be lying. Rosarita was a proficient liar, he knew that only too well.

            He'd grant her the divorce she'd always wanted, but as soon as the baby was born, he'd insist on a blood test to ascertain who the real father was. If she thought she could get away with keeping their baby from him, she was very much mistaken.

            He sought out his father, who was hovering by a roulette table. 'Listen, Dad,' he said, 'I have to leave,'

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