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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Sixty - Two

            By the time there was a knock on the door, Madison had managed to get Jamie dressed, packed and ready to leave.

            'Who is it?' she said tensely.

            'Vincent Castle.

            She looked through the peephole and observed a tall man standing there. Releasing the chain, she let him in.

            Jesus Christ! Vincent Castle was a younger, even more handsome version of Michael. Mid-thirties, he had black curly hair, olive skin and dense green eyes.

            She stared at him. He stared back at her with the same startled expression. 'so you're Madison?' he said, entering the room.

            'That's me,' she said, trying to regain her composure.

            'And this is Jamie?'

            Jamie nodded nervously.

            'So, Jamie,' Vincent, 'I have somebody waiting outside to take you to the airport. We've already booked a seat for you. Now all you have to do is go back to New York and forget this ever happened. Not one word to anyone. Do you understand?'

            She nodded again.

            'And when I say anyone,' Vincent added, a touch menacingly, ' I mean anyone.'

            'She gets it,' Madison said, giving Jamie a hug. 'Everything will be okay. Go straight to my apartment I'll call you tomorrow.'

            As soon as Jamie left, Madison indicated the body on the bed. 'Don't ask me how,' she sighted, 'But I can assure you, he's definitely dead.'

            'Were they having sex?' Vincent asked, checking out the room.

            'They were about to, but apparently he couldn't uh .get it up. According to Jamie, he'd taken a beating in the parking lot by a couple of heavies - something about him owing money.'

            'So this is Leon Blaine's son?'

            'Jamie didn't kill him,' Madison said, still reeling from Vincent's uncanny resemblance to Michael. 'He must've had a heart attack.'

            'You understand that this is not good PR for the hotel,' Vincent said, picking up the almost empty champagne bottle. 'Which is why I'm going to deal with it.'

            'Are you connected to the hotel?' she asked

            'Let's just say I'm an investor,' he said, discarding the bottle in the trash.

            'I know this'll sound crazy,' she said, 'But you look so much like my father.'

            'I know,' he said, picking up the two champagne glasses and throwing them in the trash too.

            'You do?'

            'Hey - you also look like him. The female version.'

            'How do you know that?'

            A shadow of smile.' Happy birthday, Madison.'

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