In which condition should  vasectomy not be encouraged?:Vasectomy should   be avoided in the following cases:

What a man  is equating  his masculinity with fathering  of the child

When   there are unresolved doubts and conflicts about the procedures  and its outcome.

Under  abnormal  local  condition where surgery becomes difficult (infection , varicocele, large hydrocele, inguinal hernia, scar tissues  from  trauma, burs or surgery).

Are there any complications after vasectomy?: Yes, occasionally.  They may be  surgical, immunological or  psychological.  Surgical complications include bleeding (scrotal) or infection.  These complications  usually occur a week later. 
Immunological complications are  extremely rare and no cause- and-effect relationship is known.  Psychological complications are common and occur chiefly because of indicate  counseling prior  to the operation.

What precaution should one take  after vasectomy to prevent surgical complications?: An  athletic supporter  or a tight  fitting jockey  type underwear  should be worn for her a week  to help relieve  the sweeping   and to support  the scrotum, thereby  parts, removing   the misconception that touching   the private parts is taboo.  This activity also  draws  early attention to any local pathology and prevents the development of any interrogations, skin infection.
            A man should  clean  the penis daily, especially after retracting the  foreskin up to the  base of the glans penis.  A woman  must  wash her vagina in  a direction away  from the   vagina and not towards  it, to prevent faecal contamination of the  vagina and  urethra.

Should a virgin use a tampon?: The use of tampons in a young  woman should   be encouraged as it affords an opportunity  for her to  become  acquainted with her  own sexual   anatomy and to overcome any doubts regarding handling  her genitals.   Moreover,  the gradual minimal stressing of the humanely opening  prepares her for later intercourse  without  difficulty.   It would also  give the young lady a healthier attitude  towards her menstrual periods.   However, one should know that the   hymen  may rupture while   using tampons and may cause problems  in those who harbour  the misconception  that a virgin  must have an intact hymen!

Should a woman use vaginal douches or deodorants?: No.  This is  not necessary.  In fact these items  may cause irritating, inflammation and may increase  the risk of infection by lettering the vaginal flora.  Often, women use deodorants to mask offensive vaginal odorous (usually secondary to infection).  The cause  must be determined and treated accordingly.

Can one indulge in intercourse during   menses?: Certainly.  Sex during  menstruation is absolutely safe.  If both  partners desire, they  can  most certainly indulge.  Menstrual material is sterile.  Many  couples find  coitus more enjoyable at this time mainly because there is freedom from possible pregnancy and also because of the    enhanced pleasure due to moist vagina.
            Many women are under the impression that intercourse  during  menses may lead to increase  in bleeding.  Women  do report heavier bleeding initially but the  duration is often shortened considerably and the rhythmic  contractions of the uterus  during orgasm help in evacuation of the menstrual material more rapidly.  In fact,  a satisfying  sexual intercourse  during  the menstrual period reduces cramps and alleviates the feeling of heavy discomfort resulting from pelvic congestion.
            Note:  Some doctors  do advise the use of  condoms,  especially in case of those women who  do not keep their perineum clean.  Menstrual material  may become a rich  source of culture  medium for the  growth  of bacteria owing to its close  proximity to the anus, and may  facilitate  an inflammatory reaction in the man's  urethra.

Does the  use of lubricants  hamper conception?: Yes,  the use of lubricants while indulging in sexual  intercourse may immobilize  sperms and hamper conception.