Why Impotence shouldn’t  be ignored? The percentage  of men suffering  from  E.D. (Erectile  Dysfunction i.e. Impotency) is very high in our society, but for obvious reasons they don’t  come forward and continue to suffer, despite having strong  sexual desires.  Imagine  what it must be like not being able to have physical relations for 12 to 15 years!
            Anyway, more and more research and articles and support  groups  are required to address this problem, which has assumed massive  proportions.  After all, the  fitness of our  apparatus  is very necessary for keeping   the other  half of the society happy!

The  Culprit  in Your Case: After taking a detailed history  with special  reference etc.  medical problems and lifestyle  habits, your endologist / urologist will administer  these tests:

  • The Nocturnal Penile Turnescense  Test in which a computer is attached to the penis  at night, to check  for  erection.
  • Intra  Penile Injection increase the blood flow  to the penis and result  in an erection which  is observed  and rate.
  • A penile Ultra Sound  Colour  Doppler visualizes  the blood  vessels in the penis.

Mind or Matter?It is  Psychological if:

  • You wake up with an early morning or middle-of-the –night  erection;
  • You have had satisfactory interactive intercourse;
  • You masturbate perfectly well;
  • Your problem occurred suddenly

It is  Physical if:

  • Your erection is feeble and does  not  strengthen even while  you sleep, wake up in the  morning, or masturbate;
  • You fail again and again;
  • The onset is gradual

Irksome Illnesses: By far the most common illnesses  that cause impotence is diabetes; over half of all older diabetics have  or will have erectile difficulties; 20% of  hypertensive can suffer, too.
            Other  culprits  are high  cholesterol, spinal injury , pelvic surgery, excessive drinking  and smoking  which damage the blood vessels.
            Incidentally the latest research shows that if you suffer from vascular erectile dysfunction, it is wise  to have a cardiac check up,  because a link has been established between furred  arteries of the penis  and faculty arteries of the heart.
            With added medical   awareness, prescribed drugs  such as  antihistamines and antidepressants are being  held  responsible for only  10% of the cases.
            Hormone imbalances are even rarer, account for a more 1%.

Something for Everyone: Treatments for  impotence are available for every age, condition , need, preference or social situation.