The true  measure of a man may be complex, but  researchers  say they’ve come up with at last   one way to make it  easier.  Forget what you might have  heart about judging a man’s  member  by the size of his shoes and consider taking note of his index finger if you’re looking to hedge your bets.

Two British  urologists measure the stretched penile length of 104  men and attempted to relate  it to their shoe size.   Despite  the widespread  myth, however, they found there was no significant  correlation between the men’s shoe size  and  penile length.   This study appears in the October issue of British Journal  of Urology International..

But just as one myth about men’s manhood is put to rest;  another one myth  about men’s manhood is put to rest; another one may  now take its place.  A group of Greek researchers  has found a link  between penis length and another part of the body – the index  finger.

The researchers measured  various  aspects of the genitalia of 52 healthy men under 40 and matches those measurements to other   characteristics of the men, including  their age, height , weight  body mass index waist/hip ratio, and index finger length.

The only measurements that were significantly  related to each other were penile length and index  finger length.  The longer the index  finger was, the longer  the penis was likely to be and vice versa.

And for men who might be  wondering how they measure up, the  studies  also calculated the  average penile length among  the participants.   Both  studies found  the average  stretched  penile length   was about   5 inches, give or  take about an inch.