The first  task is to make a through assessment  of your sexual  dilemma.  The counsellor will attempt to understand your history, recommend and medical tests or   examinations that seems necessary, and get  details and precise picture  of your current sexual activity.  Once the assessment has been made and all agree on the problems,  goals will be   defined together so that  everyone is working   in the same direction.   As a   rule,  specific communication and experience assignments will be given.  Limitation regarding  sexual intercourse will be spelled out.  The couple backs  up in the  sexual relationship to a stage   where both are comfortable; then the retraining begins.  This is what sexual therapy is about retraining  the couple to function  in a way that  brings satisfaction to both.  The emphasis will often  has to  redirect toward  the enjoyment of pleasure  away from the goals of achieving orgasm.

As the various experiences are undertaken,  barriers may  develop that block further progress.   Sometimes  these have to be dealt with either as a couple or individually before  the sexual therapy  can continue.  Thus   it becomes  obvious  that there is no one   narrow ro9utine which everyone must  pursue.  Following the general principles of sexual a  therapy, each  treatment   planned  for occupiable  will have its own variations and special  emphasis.  At all   times the couple  will be encouraged to share their feelings with each other as well as with the helpers in an attempt  to avoid  any further   sexual communication.  Your opinions, your feelings and your reactions.  To hold back  can only hurt your  progress.

Be encouraged.  Much change can take place in a relatively  short period of time.  Many have gained sexual fulfillment and happiness after years of frustration.  You can too!