People  have given  a new direction to marital relations; they enjoy  marital bliss without   marrying  is called  cohabitation.  The person lives freely with a member of the opposite sex, and shares room, board as well as sex.

Although cohabitation may lead to marriage,  yet is not  necessarily   a form of trial   marriage.  It may be described   as living together with an arrangement; the emphasis is on the total relationship in that  arrangement.

It is an alternative to the dating game, but  more real and meaningful than the dating game.  It gives the company of a regular sexual partner, who is less hypocritical than the dating partner. 

As cohabitation  includes  sexual involvement without marriage, this arrangement  is a big  challenge to the institution of marriage.  It has  become  an alternative to traditional marriage, enabling people to enjoy without  the legal binding  of a marriage.

What is Oral Sex:Oral Sex is  becoming very  popular day by day; liberalized sex movement is encouraging  it.  It is the main part of the outer course, and is regarded safer than the  intercourse.

It eliminates the fear of pregnancy and other sexual diseases; it may also help in preventing  AIDS like diseases. Cunnilingus, finger manipulation  or a vibrator is its main parts.

Sexual  organs are  stimulated with mouth  or tongue  in cunnilingus,  Both the  partners very much enjoy this act of cunnilingus.  With the help of fingers, the clitoris is gently stimulated; thus clitoris of a woman  is manipulated.

Vibrator is used to stimulate sexual  parts and  clitoris.  The vibrator is  properly held on the  clitoris.  The women  start  to moan with the glorious pleasure, and they try to get more and more  pleasure.  Male partner does it on his female  partner; female  partner does it on her male  partner.

What is petting:Kissing and caressing each other is called petting; Main component of lovemaking is the petting.  When lovers feel excited, they indulge in passionate petting.  Emotional involvements  is expressed  during heavy petting.

Many sexiest things are said to the partner  during petting, Many say,  "I will do whatever  you ask" in the petting.  "Please carry  on; it is very nice and good"; "I enjoy making  you feel good".

Such nice  words are whispered  to arouse each other, Excitement increases  while kissing and caressing each other.  To love and to be love  is very important, to develop a healthy personality it is most important.

Petting is a natural from the heart.  It tells you are emotionally involved from your heart.  Pet animals  also very much like petting.   They always remain eager to receive petting.  Petting  is a  gift  of God  to reveal  our heart.  Petting  helps the hidden love to   come forth from the heart.

What is Fellatio:Now women have become  more active in sexual  game.  This has encouraged them to  try  new  techniques for sexual gain.  To achieve  maximum  enjoyment, some women perform fellatio. Stimulations of penis by sucking  or licking is called fellatio.

Now women want to achieve maximum orgasm, those   women who themselves do not  reach orgasm perform fellatio on men to achieve maximum  orgasm.  They consider it a safe method  to enjoy    sex and get  orgasm.

Pregnancy  can also be avoided  through  fellatio performance.  It is a type of oral sex,  and is a part of the outer sex.  Men also very  much  enjoy this kind of  act.  They feel  a strange sensation in the body by this act.Call girls, massage girls also apply this method on their customers, who are tempted to become  their regular customers.