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WOMAN BENEATH, MAN ABOVE.   Basically, what  happens here is that the wife kneels on the bed with her head well down.  Her husband  kneels  behind her and gently enters  her vagina, with one or other of them using a hand in front of the vulva to steer  the penis in (you may have to keep it there throughout).  As with all the other rear entry positions, this  position gives the man an ideal opportunity to stimulate  the woman's breasts and, of course, her clitoris with his finger tips.
            Variation 1.  Instead kneeling, the woman lies flat  on her face on the bed with legs apart.  This makes entry a bit difficult, but the wife  can help the penis in with  her hand.
Variation 2.  Instead of kneeling between the girl's legs, the man places his knees on either  side of her.   Then he slowly and gradually eases forward until he is virtually sitting astride her back and 'riding'  her.  this is an advanced technique and should not be rushed; it may be uncomfortable and completely unsuccessful if the wife has not been   prepared  and stimulated by careful love play.
Variation 3.  Split levels.  The wife lies face down with legs apart  on the edge of the bed while the husband  kneels  behind her.
Variation 4.  Very similar, but the husband  grasp his wife's thighs and then stands up, so that he is holding  her rather  as in child's wheelbarrow game.
MAN BENEATH, WOMAN ABOVE.  This variety of  rear-entry position is not of quite such value.  However  many men alike to lie flat on their backs with their wives (also face upwards) on top  of them.  Almost invariably the husband  or wife's  hand has to be  placed in front of the vulva to keep the penis from popping  out.  Some women do find that  the use of this  position gives them a very 'abandoned' sensation, and that they achieve quite an unusually intense  climax as a result.
Variation 1.  It's very pleasant if the man lies flat on his back and the woman just sits on his penis while facing away from him.  By altering the angle to which she leans forward she can produce agreeable variations in the sensations she experiences.  If she  wishes, she can gradually  lower  her head   until her face is on the sheets between her husband's legs.
Variation 2.  Much the same as variation 1, but with  the man sitting up as well, as shown in figure 32.
Variation 3.  The same thing, but with the man sitting on a chair instead  of on the bed.

REAR ENTRY STANDING .   This is a very nice way of making love, and easier than face-to-face standing  intercourse.  The wife bends over so as to  reveal the exciting  sight of her vulva  between  her thighs.  She can, if she wishes, lean against a chair or, preferably, a more solid  structure  such as a chest of drawers as chairs  tend to get knocked over as things becomes more hectic toward the end.
            Variation 1.  The wife stands upright instead of bending over.  Entry is not so easy this way, but the man can more readily caress his loved one's breasts, kiss her neck and murmur sweet nothings in her ear.
            Variation 2.  The wife bends forward  until her hands are on the floor, and then her husband  help her to wrap her legs around his  body.  This position again is really for athletes only, and the man should bear in mind that the girl  will not enjoy having her face rammed repeatedly into the carpet!  A very large feather cushion under her arms may be helpful.

REAR ENTRY BOTH ON SIDE.  Intercourse with both husband and wife  lying on their sides (her bottom tucked easily up against the lower part of his tummy) can be very satisfying.  As with the  corresponding face-to-face love-making  position, it's possible for both partners to fall asleep after orgasm with their genitals  still in contact- an advantage which many couples value.
            Variation 1.  The wife leans forward so that the top half of her body is at right angles to the man's.  this produces  an interesting change in sensation in the vagina and in the penis.  If he wants to, the  man can increase the effect by gently leaning backwards.   This does, however, make communication between the sexual lovers rather difficult!
            Variation 2.  As for variation 1, but the wife moves  one of her legs back (either  between  the  husband's legs or her body.  By subtle alterations in leg  position she can produce all sorts of interesting effects for both partners.

Flank Positions
I use this phrase to cover all positions in which the man is sideways on' to the woman.  Relatively few couples seem to have discovered these refinements for themselves, but they are well worth experimenting with s you become  more skilled in love-making.  Virtually  all of them are especially  useful  pregnancy at the time when the woman's tummy starts to get in the way of rather more orthodox positions.  There are three groups of positions - 'straight' sideways, cuissade, and flanquette.

STRAIGHT SIDEWAYS.  The basic way of doing this is for the woman to lie  flat on her back with her knees bent or (if she  prefers it) her legs in the air.  Her man lies on his side, with the lower  part of his body curled under her bottom so that  her legs are across his thighs.  This very comfortable position is shown in figure.
Variation 1.  The man lies flat on his back on the bed while his wife sits across his thighs.  This is not so comfortable, but may be chosen as a change.
Variation 2.  This is virtually  the same thing but with both partners  sitting. The man is usually settled on a comfortable  chair with the girl seated across his lap so that his penis comes up between her thighs and enters her vulva.  Some couples take pleasure in doing this with their  clothes on, (apart, of course, from the lady's panties) thereby adding a spice of 'naughtiness' to the  procedure.  Indeed, a few husbands  and wives do enjoy the 'risk' of surreptitiously making love in this way (under cover of the girls skirts) in relatively  open situations.

CUISSADE POSITIONS.  This French term simply means that the man takes his wife from a half-rear and half-sideways angle  - in other words, he enters her from behind, but with one of his legs through hers.  This is easier to explain with a picture than to describe, so look at figure.
Cuissade positions allow the penis to enter the vagina at all sorts of interesting  angles  and (if the man lies back at right angles to the woman) to a  remarkable depth.  Instead  of describing them all in minute detail.  I think it's best if we leave you to experiment  with these interesting and exciting  variations for yourself.

FLANQUETTE POSITIONS.   This is another French term which simply describes the side positions in which the  entry is 'half-facing', rather than 'half-rear'.  In other words, the husband is face-to-face with his wife but with his leg  thrust between hers.
There are many flanquette positions for you to discover for yourselves, but they're all nice and they all allow very  good penetration, usually  combined  with pressure on the clitoris woman's leg is between  the man's things renders firm vulnerable to a very obvious injury.  So whatever 'happens, ladies, to be careful not to bring  your knee up suddenly!

Final Note
            Beware of trying the more exotic  positions if you're doubtful whether you're physically fit enough for them.  Husbands  or wives  who have disc trouble or similar back problems  would obviously be  very  unwise to attempt the few  positions that put a  strain on the spine.