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Most couples hesitate to experiment with unusual caresses, throbbing positions and sexual manoures for reasons which frank discussion often eliminates. If intercourse remains climax and unwelcome pain is not  wittingly imposed, practically nothing you can do health in marriage involves perversion.
            Most couples need to discuss the effects of intimate caresses by the wife upon masculine contrec. Abrupt change in sexual stimulation rather than duration or intensity triggers the male climax.  A woman who needs prolonged play and sustained intercourse to reach a climax should therefore stimulate her husband with intensive genital foundling instead of avoiding such caress.
Feminine Responsiveness
            Feminine  responsiveness often increases after taking measures to build general feminine  and specifically sexual self-respect. Physical aids to responsiveness includes measures to combat fatigue and to relieve nervous tension.  Tranquilizing baths may relieve response   quenching ‘blue mods’ at times.
            Love-making technique becomes richer as the years form new emotional linkages and open new horizons of uninhibited sexual communion.
Caress through clothing
            ‘Around the World’ caresses of arms, legs, and back, climbing gradually towards the breasts and  organs, taking advantage of the general body  sensitivity of a sexually attuned wife.
            Stimulating the genital area with thigh or knew.
            Gentle kissing or  superficial stroking of the  breasts and nipples, until the letter become erect .
            Light-kisses, tongue-tip explorations, and other forms of mouth-to-mouth play.
            Gentle caress of lips, earlobes, neck.
            Tickling, scratching of palm. Placing husband’s hands upon intimate areas, such as breast, things, or genitals.
            Through-clothing  or sporadic caresses of the scrotum or penis.

Intensive mouth-to –mouth play
            Erect nipple  caresses with palm,  finger, longitudinal movement of the groove between  fingers, bobbing by crosswise movement of fingers, titillation and assorted friction with lip,  tongue and mouth.
            Satisfied softening  of the nipple calls for either milk duck caresses with mouth or fingers or for retreat to gentle, erection restoring titillation.
            Clitorises caress, near tip, near base, lengthwise, crosswise or circular.
            Inter-lip stroking  and tickling, varied by spreading folds  sideways of real more  sensitive parts, by stroking lips between  fingertips or catching them between knuckless.
            One-finger, firm, midline caresses of the  vagina.
            The clitoris the small, rod-shaped structure becomes  firm enough to be readily distinguished from the surrounding tissues only during sexual excitement, and lies beneath the  folds of skin at the front corner of the female opening.  Practically all feminine erotic sensitivity centers in it until sexual experience enlivens other areas.
            If you take full advantage of all the  erotically sensitive areas around your wife’s  now-fully-responsive female organs, you can  bring her to a high plateau of sexual excitement long before  you want or need the culmination of intercourse and  keep on that mutually  gratifying plateau for many delightful and love-inspiring  moments.
            The clitoris remains sexually sensitive  throughout married life.  Although it tends to be almost indistinguishable from  surrounding tissues except during  sexual excitement, an aroused women’s clitoris becomes quite firm to the touch and swells to dimensions  of perhaps ½ inch across and ¾ inch in length.  One can easily find if by following the inner lips forward with your finger until they join; then feeling for a  firm rod beneath the thin skin just in front of  that junction still within the protective folds of the fuller ‘outer lips’ at the female   organ’s sides.  The layer of tissue which covers the clitoris is rather delicate and sensitive however, so that a harsh or unlubricated surface may cause discomfort when pressed firmly enough to produce clitoris stimulation.  Fingertip massage stimulates the clitoris quite  effectively. Catching the clitoris between your finger and the underlying bone, you can stroke along its length from base to tip or from tip to base.
            The inner lips  in the unexcited woman, the inner lips are small folds of loose, thin tissue, one at each side of the vagina.  They are about one-quarter-inch wide where they meet at the front corner of the vagina, and narrow down.  Intensive sexual excitement makes the inner lips engorge and swell to two or three times their resting size.  After a few months of satisfying cohabitation have fully awakened feminine ardour,  the inner lips become extremely  sensitive  sexually.  Gentle tickling makes a good start. You can also elicit keen response by stroking from front to back  along one side, then the other. A finger placed just within the female opening and moved in gentle but rapid circles around its rim stimulates the inner lips quite keenly. Although moisture-lubricated gentle stroking  of the  inner lips will carry almost any woman to a high plateau of sexual  excitement and keep her there, brief flurries of more  intensive stimulation help variety.  Gently grinding the inner lip between the two fingers while stimulating the clitoris with rolling-pin motions or length wise thumb caresses creates an exquisite combination of sensations.