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If your member is a short one, let the women be on her back, lift her into the air, so that her right leg be near her right ear, and the left ear, and in this posture, with her buttocks lefted up, her vulva will project forward.  Then put in your member.
            Let the woman stretch herself upon the ground and place yourself between her thighs; then putting  one of her legs upon your  shoulder, and the other under your arm, near the armpit, get into her.
            Let her lie down on your side, then lie yourself down her on your side, and getting between her thighs put your member into her vagina.
            Make her get on her knees and elbows, as if kneeling in prayer. In this position the vulva is projected backwards; you then attack her from that side, and put your member into  her.
            Place the woman on her side, and square between her thighs, with one of her legs on your shoulder and the other between your thighs, while she remains lying on her side.  Then you enter her vagina, and make her move by drawing towards your chest by means of your hands, with which you hold her embraced.
            Let the woman stretch her upon the ground, on her back, with legs crossed.  Then mount her like a cavalier on horseback, being on your knees, while her legs are placed under her thighs and  put your member into her vagina.
            Place the woman so that she leans with her front, or if you prefer it, her back upon a moderate elevation, with her set upon the ground. She thus offers her vulva to the introduction of your  member.
            Place the woman near to a low divan, the back of which she can take hold of with her hands, then, getting under her , lift her legs to the height of your navel, and the let her  clasp you with her legs on side of your body.  In this position plant your verge into her, seizing with your hands the back of the divan.  When you begin action your movements must respond to those of the woman.
            Let her lie upon her back on the ground with a cushion under her posterior; then getting between her legs, and letting her place the sole of her right foot against the sole of her  left foot, then introduce your member. In all cultures, the sun's heat and the body's warmth or lack of it have been at the heart of sexual metaphor.
            There are other positions besides the above named in use among the people of India.  It is well for you to know that the inhabitate of those parts have multiplied the  different we in the   sex knowledge and investigation of coitus.  Among  those manners are the following:-
            Place the woman on her back, with a cushion under her buttocks, then get between her legs, resting the points of your feet against the ground, bend her two thighs against her chest  as far as you can place  your hands under her arms  so as to enfold her or cramp her shoulders, then introduce your members and at the moment of ejaculation draw  her towards you.
            Place the woman on her back, and arrange her things so that they touch the heels, which  latter are thus coming  close to the buttocks,  facing the vulva, insert your member.  You then place her knees under your arm-pits; and taken firm hold of the upper part of her arms,  you draw her  towards you.  Place the woman on her back,  and squat on your knees, between her thighs, as high as your sides in order that  she may cross her legs over your  back, and then pass her arms around your neck.
            The woman lying on her back you put her thighs together and raise her legs up until the soles of her feet   look at the  ceiling; then enfolding her within your thighs you insert your member,  holding her legs up with your hands.
            The woman being   crouched on her side, you let her stretch out the leg on which she is resting and squat down between her thighs with your calves bent under you  then you lift her uppermost leg so that  it rests on your back, and introduce your member.  During the action  you take hold of her shoulder, or, if you prefer by the arms.
            The man being  stretched  on his back the woman sits on his member, facing him, she then places her hands upon the bed so that she can keep her stomach  from touching the man's and move up and downwards, and if the man is supple he assists her from below.  If in this position she wants to kiss him, she need only stretch, her  arms along the bed.
            The woman must wear a pair of pantaloons, which she lets drop upon her  heels; then she stoops, placing her head between her feet, so  that her neck is in the opening of her pantaloons. At that moment, seizing her legs, turns her upon her back, making her perform a somersault; then with his legs curved  under him he brings his member right against her vulva, and slipping between her legs, inserts it.
            It is alleged that there are women who while lying on their back, can place their feet behind their head without the  help of pantaloons or hands.