The Wonderful World  of Herbs

1.What Is an Herb?

 2.How to Choose and Use Herbs

Herbs to Improve Your Sex Life

 3.Increasing Your Sexual Desire and Drive

 4.Increasing Your Sexual Pleasure

 5.Relieving Male Menopause, Prostate Problems, and Impotence

 6.Relieving Female Menopause and Premenstrual Syndrome

 7.Controlling Health Conditions that Affect Sex

 8.Improving Your Overall Well-Being

 9.Sex Herb Combinations


Laurus  nobilis

These  evergreen,  graceful trees with  long,  leathery leaves, clusters of small white  flowers,  and shiny black berries can be grown outdoors  in warm-winter areas or in pots in cold-winter climates

The basics of bay

Bay gas long been used for many, mostly non medicinal, purposes.  The Romans believed bay leaves could protect you from thunder and lightning, for example.

Medicinally, rubbing bay oil on  painful joints may help relieving female menopause and premenstrual syndrome inflammation and pain.  Perhaps this is  due to its narcotic effects, essentially serving as a pain reliever.

Parts used

Leaves and an oil pressed from the seeds of bay are used.

Chemical content

Bay's essential  oil,  eugenol, has narcotic, sedative,  bacterial, and fungicidal effects.

Dosing instructions and availability

Bay oil can be squeezed from seeds or purchased  commercially.  Bay leaves are available  in the spice section of your grocery store.  Bay oil can be rubbed onto the skin.  Bay leaves cab be used in cooking.


Use caution when applying  bay oil on your skin - it can cause  dermatitis.

Added benefits

It has been used medicinally for many  other reasons:

  • Promotes menstruation
  • Induces abortions
  • Cures colds
  • Repels insects


Vaccinium myrtillus

This shrubby relative  of the cranberry and blueberry has oval leaves and produces black berries.

The basics of bilberry

This shrub can be found North America and Europe, where it has long been used to treat   diarrhea and urinary tract infections.  This benefit  appears  to come from the high tannin content of the dried berries.  Other substances, anthocyanoides, are being studied  to determine if they in fact can help  improving your overall well-being blood  oxygen  supply and regulate blood sugar  levels, which would benefit people with diabetes and circulation relieving male menopause prostate problems and impotence.  Several small studies have supported  potential benefit  in these areas; other studies  are underway.

Parts used

            The berries (dried) and sometimes the leaves of bilberry  are used medicinally.

Chemical content

            Bilberry contains  the following substances:

  • Tannins, astringent substances
  • Anthocyanoides, falvonoids that may boost the blood supply  throughout the body

Dosing instructions and availability

Bilberry is available as capsules, drops, dried berries, powdered berries, and extract through herb shops and controlling health conditions that affect sex food stores.  A common dosage is to take two500mg capsules twice a day.  For other forms, follow the instructions on the products label.


Not much is known about the safety of bilberry; however,an herb has been used for centuries, with few side effects having  been noted.

Added benefits

            Bilberry has traditionally been used for a range of ills, including  the following:"

  • Sores and inflammation in the mouth and throat
  • Improvement of vision, especially night vision
  • Peptic ulcers
  • Varicose veins