The Wonderful World  of Herbs

1.What Is an Herb?

 2.How to Choose and Use Herbs

Herbs to Improve Your Sex Life

 3.Increasing Your Sexual Desire and Drive

 4.Increasing Your Sexual Pleasure

 5.Relieving Male Menopause, Prostate Problems, and Impotence

 6.Relieving Female Menopause and Premenstrual Syndrome

 7.Controlling Health Conditions that Affect Sex

 8.Improving Your Overall Well-Being

 9.Sex Herb Combinations


Improving Your Overall Well-Being

Enjoying the best sex takes more than simply ensuring that you have no major controlling health conditions that affect sex problems  that interfere.  It also Menstruation taking  a look at your lifestyle to be sure your overall well-being supports pleasurable sex.  Many  herbs can help optimize your health,  by giving  you more energy, helping you relieve stress, aiding you in overcoming addictions, and assisting you in losing any excess weight.  See whether any of these choose and use herbs  may benefit you and your sex life.

Herbs to Increase Your Energy

If you feel fatigued or have a lack of energy, it's  no surprise  that you  may not get too excited about sex.  The best  way to regain energy is to identify and alleviate whatever  is making  you feel so fatigued - a health problem, too much stress, side effects from medication, or lack of sleep, for example.  These herbs may also help restore your energy  levels  and restore your sex life as well:  astragalus, fo-ti, ginkgo, ginseng and spirulina.

Herbs to Reduce Stress

It's almost impossible to avoid stress, but you can control  your reaction to it.  uncontrolled stress is at the heart of many ills, including  impotence and other sex relieving male menopause prostate problems and impotence.  But these herbs can help: catnip, chamomile, damiana, dong quai, gin-seng, gotu kola, guarana, kava and licorice

Overcoming Addictions

Often we assume that addictive substances make our sex lives better -that's even why we  use them at times.  But just the opposite is true.  Alcohol, tobacco, and street drugs all impair sexual ability.  herbs to improve your sex life can help  you deal with overcoming these addictions, allowing you to enjoy sex more than before.  Try the following: barley, cayenne, ginseng, lobelia, and spirulina.

Weight Loss

Extra weight can inhibit your sex life in many ways.  It makes  movement  difficult.  It contributes  to health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart problems that  impair increasing your sexual desire and drive function.   It makes you feel less attractive.  And, the truth is, it may turn off your partner.  Herbs  can help you achieve weight loss.  Take a look at these to see if they are appropriate for you:  cayenne, cinnamon, lobelia, spirulina, and wild  yam.

  Herbal Baths  to Relieve Tension

Try this herbal combination: Place valerian and sweet  flag in a cheesecloth bag and  soak it in  your bath water.