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Next, ?energy bars? sports> <META content="controlling health conditions that affect sex,herbs to improve your sex life,an herb,improving your overall well-being,the wonderful world of herbs, " name=keywords> <META content="MSHTML 6.00.2900.3527" name=GENERATOR></head> <BODY title="sex herbs" bgColor=#000000> <TABLE width=892 align=center border=0> <TR> <TD width=886 height=114><IMG height=143 src="image/HHH_headerBIG.gif" width=886 ></TD> </TR></TABLE> <table class="menu" width="890" border="1" align="center" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <TR vAlign=top height=10> <TD width=248> <DIV align=center><SPAN class=style3><A class=style3 href="index.html">HOME</A></SPAN></DIV></TD> <TD width=339> <DIV align=center><SPAN class=style3><A class=style3 href="sitemap.html">SITEMAP</A></SPAN></DIV></TD> <TD width=297> <DIV align=center><SPAN class=style3><A class=style3 href="contact-us.html">CONTACT US </A></SPAN></DIV></TD></TR></TABLE> <TABLE height=929 width=894 align=center border=1> <TR> <TD vAlign=top width=243 bgColor=#ffffff height=923> <H3 align=center>SEX HERBS-BETHA</H3> <P>===========================</P> <H2 align=center><A href="the-wonderful-world-of-herbs.html">The Wonderful World&nbsp; of Herbs</A> </H2> <P><A href="what-is-an-herb.html">1.What Is an Herb?</A></P> <P>&nbsp;<A href="how-to-choose-and-use-herbs.html">2.How to Choose and Use Herbs</A></P> <H2 align=center><A href="herbs-to-improve-your-sex-life.html">Herbs to Improve Your Sex Life</A> <BR></H2> <P align=justify>&nbsp;<A href="Increasing-your-Sexual-Desire-and-Drive.html">3.Increasing Your Sexual Desire and Drive</A></P> <P align=justify>&nbsp;<A href="Increasing-Your-Sexual-Pleasure.html">4.Increasing Your Sexual Pleasure</A></P> <P align=justify>&nbsp;<A href="relieving-male-menopause-prostate.html">5.Relieving Male Menopause, Prostate Problems, and Impotence</A></P> <P align=justify>&nbsp;<A href="relieving-female-menopause-and.html">6.Relieving Female Menopause and Premenstrual Syndrome</A></P> <P align=justify>&nbsp;<A href="controlling-health-conditions-that-affect-sex.html">7.Controlling Health Conditions that Affect Sex</A></P> <P align=justify>&nbsp;<A href="improving-your-overall-well-being.html">8.Improving Your Overall Well-Being</A></P> <P align=justify>&nbsp;<A href="sex-herb-combinations.html">9.Sex Herb Combinations</A></P></TD> <td class="con"width="632" valign="top" bgcolor="#B8B870"> <H1 align=center><STRONG>Sex Herb Combinations</STRONG></H1> <P align=justify>Take a step into your local supermarket, discount store,&nbsp; drugstore,&nbsp;<A href="controlling-health-conditions-that-affect-sex.html">controlling health conditions that affect sex</A> food store, ethnic foods store, herb shop -even into your local convenience store- or "surf" into one of the many online shopping&nbsp; areas of the Internet.&nbsp; You'll&nbsp; probably be astonished to see that herbs&nbsp; are available everywhere&nbsp; these days, and&nbsp; in every form imaginable!&nbsp; First look in their medicine&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; area; you'll find boxes, bottles,&nbsp;&nbsp; and bags, all full of&nbsp; herbal&nbsp; products.&nbsp; Then look in the candy section; there&nbsp; you'll see herbs as ingredients in "sports bars" or "energy bars."&nbsp; Next, take a stroll to the beverage section; look for&nbsp; an array&nbsp; of colorful bottles&nbsp; bearing&nbsp; names like "SoBe," "Arizona Tea," or "Hansen's."&nbsp; You'll also notice&nbsp; a wall of boxes containing a range of herbal teas</P> <P align=justify>Given this wealth of herbal products, what exactly should you buy?&nbsp; You may have a clear idea of which <A class=style3 href="herbs-to-improve-your-sex-life.html">herbs to improve your sex life</A> you wish to try.&nbsp; In that case,&nbsp; simply find the&nbsp; individual&nbsp; herbal products in the form you desire- with guaranteed ingredients - at the best&nbsp; price.&nbsp; But if selecting and using&nbsp; herbs to enhance your sex life seems overwhelming, you&nbsp; may want to take a look at the various&nbsp; herbal&nbsp; combinations now available.&nbsp; These blends of herbs come in a variety of forms: capsule or pill, extract, or even beverage&nbsp; or tea.</P> <P align=justify>If you wish to try an&nbsp; herbs blend, be sure to read the list of ingredients to make sure the product contains the herbs&nbsp; you wish, in quantities&nbsp; that are appropriate.&nbsp; You'll want to refer to the herbs&nbsp; descried&nbsp; in this book,&nbsp; and possibly even consult a knowledgeable store employee&nbsp; or an herbalist or nutritionist&nbsp; about&nbsp; specific&nbsp; brands.&nbsp;&nbsp; The U.S. Fodd and Drug&nbsp; Administrations (FDA) does not allow herbal&nbsp; products&nbsp; to make direct&nbsp; claims about the uses or benefits&nbsp; of the products;&nbsp; however, some products have&nbsp; "sexy" names that imply their intended benefits.&nbsp; Other products have more ho-hum names but contain similar combinations of herbs.&nbsp; In this&nbsp; chapter we'll describe&nbsp; the range of combination <A class=style3 href="what-is-an-herb.html">an herb</A> products available, give examples, and describe the most likely sources for these&nbsp;&nbsp; products.</P> <H3 align=center><STRONG>Capsules, Pills, and Extracts</STRONG></H3> <P align=justify>The products that contain the greatest amount of herbs&nbsp; are the ones found&nbsp; in capsule, pill, or extract from.&nbsp; These&nbsp; herbal blends&nbsp; are sold practically everywhere these&nbsp;&nbsp; days, and under many brand names.&nbsp; Some you'll readily recognize like Centrum or One-A-Day.&nbsp; Others&nbsp; are maybe less recognizable, but also are from reputable manufacturers&nbsp; like Twin Labs or Nature's Pride</P> <P align=justify>Large stores or nutritional supplement chain&nbsp; stores often sell their own&nbsp; "house" or "generic" brands.&nbsp; If you look at these&nbsp; products&nbsp; closely, though, you&nbsp; may find that in fact they are actually produced by the same well-known manufacturers&nbsp; as the&nbsp; name-brand&nbsp; products.&nbsp; Some products may not have the actual&nbsp;&nbsp; manufacturer listed, but instead may list a telephone number.&nbsp; By calling, you may be able to find out the actual manufacturer,&nbsp; or at least get more&nbsp; information about the&nbsp; product.&nbsp; Some stores&nbsp; that specialize in herbs&nbsp; and supplements often <A class=style3 href="improving-your-overall-well-being.html">improving your overall well-being</A> written&nbsp; information about the products.</P> <P align=justify>There are&nbsp; literally hundreds of brands&nbsp; of herb&nbsp; blends&nbsp; available in capsule, pill, extract, juice, and&nbsp; essential oil form.&nbsp; Here are some that we were&nbsp; able to identify.&nbsp;&nbsp; Check your local <A class="" href="http://www.sex-manual-for-marriage.sexinformations.com/health-in-marriage.html">health</A>&nbsp; food store&nbsp; or herb&nbsp; shop for even more.</P> <H3 align=center><STRONG>Yohimbe-Plus by Irwin Naturals</STRONG></H3> <P align=justify><BR>The product&nbsp; guarantees&nbsp; potency level and claims&nbsp; to be the highest&nbsp; potency&nbsp; available&nbsp; currently.&nbsp; The label lists the following sex&nbsp; herbs&nbsp; in these amounts:</P> <UL> <LI>Yohimbe bark powder , 2000mg <LI>Licorice root extract , 225 mg <LI>Damiana 225 mg <LI>Saw palmetto, 225 mg <LI>&nbsp;Siberian&nbsp; ginseng, 225 mg </LI></UL> <P align=justify>Please not e that the&nbsp; above amounts are for three tablets, which the directions say is the daily dosage&nbsp; amount.</P> <H3 align=center><STRONG>X-A by Nature's Sunshine</STRONG></H3> <p align="justify">This company has been in operation - according to the label - since 1972.&nbsp; This bottle doesn't look as flashy or exciting as many others, nor does it glaringly&nbsp; say what it is really intended to do.&nbsp; However, it is marketed as a "glandular system support" dietary&nbsp; supplement.&nbsp; Sex <A class=style3 href="the-wonderful-world-of-herbs.html">the wonderful world&nbsp; of herbs</A>&nbsp; in this supplement&nbsp; include the following:</p> <ul> <li>Siberian ginseng root <li>Saw palmetto berries <li>Gotu kola <li>Damiana <li>Sarsaparilla root <li>Garlic <li>Capsicum <li>Chickweed</li> </ul> <p align="justify">&nbsp; Internet&nbsp; Shopping&nbsp; for Herbal Products<br > Herb blends&nbsp; and other herbal products&nbsp; are easily purchased over the Internet.&nbsp; Here are just a few examples of&nbsp; sites that offer herbs:S</p> <ul> <li><a href="http://www.gil.net/-maria/herbal.html" class="style3">www.gil.net/-maria/herbal.html</a> (Bennett Herbal Products) <li><a href="http://www.maine.com/herbs" class="style3">www.maine.com/herbs</a>&nbsp; /(Quantum Herbal Products) <li><a href="http://www.herbalelements.com/" class="style3">www.herbalelements.com</a> /english/ (Herbal Elements) <li><a href="http://www.immuvit.com/" class="style3">www.immuvit.com</a> (American&nbsp; Herbal Products)</li> </ul> <h3 align="center"><strong>Herbal V by Smart Health USA, Inc.</strong></h3> <p align="justify"><br > This blend is carried in many places, including a variety of large, nationwide health food stores.&nbsp; This product&nbsp;&nbsp; is marketed as "the all-natural alternative to prescription treatment"&nbsp; and also says that it is an "ultra pleasure delivery system."&nbsp; Men are to take "two tablets&nbsp; before romantic activity as a dietary&nbsp; supplement.&nbsp; Although&nbsp; the bottle never comes&nbsp; out and says&nbsp; what its for, well,&nbsp; we think it's rather easy to figure&nbsp; out at this point!&nbsp; Here is the list of herbal&nbsp; sex ingredients found in two tablets:</p> <ul> <li>Yohimbe extract , 250 mg <li>Avena sativa extract 150 mg <li>Saw palmetto extract, 100 mg <li>Guarana extract , 300 mg <li>Siberian ginseng&nbsp; extract, 30 mg</li> </ul> <h3 align="center"><strong>Lady Herbal V by Smart Health USA Inc.</strong></h3> <p align="justify"> This product contains the same herbal&nbsp; combinations&nbsp; as Herbal V, though some are found in slightly&nbsp; different amounts, presumably to allow for differences&nbsp; between men's&nbsp; and women's body chemistry.</p> <p>Other providers&nbsp; of a variety of herbal blends are listed below:</p> <ul> <li>Centrum <li>One-A-Day <div align="justify">Twin Lab (This company markets its products under many different names, including Alvita and Nature's Herbs.)</div> <li>Futurebiotics <li>Irwin Naturals <li>Nature's Sunshine <li><A class="" href="http://www.sex-and-human-beings.sexinformations.com/index.html">Human sex</A> &nbsp;Development&nbsp; Technology <li>Nature's Fingerprint <li>Nature's Way <li>Vita- worth <li>Nature made <li>Nature's Resource <li>Schiff <p align="center"><A href="sex-Herb-Combinations-2.html"><IMG height=55 src="image/next.button.jpg" width=70 align=baseline border=0 ></A></p> <p align="center">&nbsp;</p></li></ul></TD></TR></TABLE> </BODY> </html>