Q.10. What is abortion? Is induced abortion justifiable?

Ans. Abortion is the premature termination of the product of conception from uterus before it is viable to lead an independent existence. The foetus of over seven months, though weak, is capable of leading an independent life. But the foetus of less than seven months is non-viable and cannot survive. Abortion may spontaneously occur by itself at any stage of pregnancy. About ten percent of all the pregnancies and in spontaneous abortion. The most common cause of abortion is genetic or environmentally in induced abnormality in the foetus. Spontaneous abortion or miscarriages are maximum in the first three months of intrauterine life as placenta is being formed during this period and any strenuous physical work can precipitate abortion. Induced abortion is the deliberate termination of pregnancy by use of abortifacient or mechanical means. Whereas spontaneous abortion is natural, induced abortion is deliberate.

Induced abortion cannot be justified in any way. It may result in sepsis, shock, profuse bleeding air embolism, severe genital injuries, kidney failure and death of the woman. It tells upon the psychological and physical health of the mother and is against the natural law and sex.
Deliberate ending of life causes psychological trauma and kills the conscience of the mother and also of the father and the society as the whole because it is the stopping of a natural force in the form of a new life that is in fact a part of the parents themselves which has full right to be born and bloom. An intrauterine foetus is in the image of the parents and it is their duty to take care of the foetus since conception. Though emotional attachment is not fully there, still the foetus is the part of the mother with a dependent existence on her. The intrauterine foetus is the sex and abortion is the murder of that life. Abortion leaves unhealed blemishes on the conscience of the mother forever and ultimately on the whole human sex  race. There is not much difference between abortion and murder though trauma is more in the later, with the life of both being at the mercy of their mothers. They cannot assert themselves of their rights to live. An unborn child should have rights and dignity equal to other human beings. ,It has individuality and personality however mild it maybe. A fertilized ovum is the new human life although it requires the protection of the mother ‘for survival. Induced abortion is the murder of the weak innocent human life which cannot defend itself and so is a blot on humanity. It should be realized that the foetus is living and though unable to speak tries to defend itself and is in deep agony when attempts are made to abort it.  sexual Morality and humanity weeps because abortion is more than murder as it is the killing and getting rid of the own genetic self. It is the duty of the parents to protect on the rights of the foetus from the time of conception and when the defender parents themselves become killers, it is a blot on morality. The conscience of the parents in particular and the society in general becomes deeply bruised and soiled. The unprotected foetus has the right to live which should not be snatched away.


It needs to be emphasized that antenatal gender determination test to eliminate the foetus of a particular superior gender is one of the most immoral, inhuman and uncultured act. Induced abortion should be forbidden and punishable by the political law of the land as it is socially, legally and morally wrong. It should also be realized that attempt to abortion which does not result in abortion may harm the intrauterine foetus and lead to various defects in it.