Age of Marriage


Q.76. What should be the ideal age of marriage?

Ans. The ideal age of marriage is during adolescence. The best age for marriage is about eighteen to twenty years in males while about sixteen to twenty years in males while about sixteen to eighteen years in females. Marriage during adolescence avoids sexual frustration, psycho-sexual development complexes and incidence of pregnancy -marital sexual relationship. It helps to make better adjustment in marriage as the flexibility remains in this age group. The boy does not fall in he trap of masturbation and even nocturnal emission and spermatorrhoea. The best age for bearing healthy children is between 20 to 35 years in man and from 18 to 30 years in woman. The right age of enjoying sex and having children is early youth and so marriage must be done just prior to this age.


Season of Marriage


Q.77. What is the best season of marriage?

Ans. Moderate season is the best for love marriage. Autumn is considered to be the best season followed by the spring season. Monsoon season and hot summers are not desired seasons. At places where there is extremely cold winter, marriage should not be performed in that season. The season of marriage should be such where the couple, family planning members and guests can enjoy the festivity of occasion to the maximum.


Importance of wedding ceremonies


Q.78. What is the importance of wedding ceremonies?

Ans. Wedding ceremonies or marriage rites are necessary because they make the marriage into a social involvement. Various ceremonies and functions should be performed prior to, at the time of and after monogamous marriage attended by relatives, friends, social leaders and priests. Legal, social and religious involvement during marriage is essential to execute socio-legal pressure as well s to create moral boosting in order to make the institution of marriage happy and permanent. The ceremonies should however not be too expensive but be simple. The expenses of the main marriage ceremony should be borne by both the families but the total expenses should be more of the family of the boy.