Artificial techniques of gender selection


Q.6. What are the artificial techniques by which a child of desirable gender can be selected? Should one go in for such techniques?

Ans. The artificial techniques by which a child of desirable gender can be selected prior to conception is by artificial insemination at artificial fertilization center by either X or Y sperms after their artificial separation. The X and Y chromosomes bearing sperms of spermatic fluid are separated and then the ovum is inseminated by the desired group of sperms by artificial means to procure the foetus of desired gender. The occurrence of ovulation can be visualized by ultrasonography and ovulation can be also be induced at the desirable time by use of hormones. The artificially segregated X or Y sperms can be ejected by means of a pipette in the uterus after ovulation with the whole process being assessed by ultrasonography. Artificial insemination with segregated X or Y sperms for procuring the female or male child respectively is the only artificial technique for selecting a child of desirable gender prior to conception.

Other artificial techniques are the gender determination tests by which the gender of the intra-uterine foetus can be known and the mother gets the foetus aborted if it is not of the desirable gender. Ultrasonography, amniocentesis, choroionic villous biopsy and foetoscopy are the antenatal gender determination test which can be done to know the gender of intrauterine foetus during early stages of pregnancy.

Ultrasonography is considered to be the easiest and relatively the least risky technique to know the gender of the intrauterine foetus. Ultrasonography is a technique in which the photograph of the intra-natal foetus is taken by high frequency sound waves. The presence of both X and Y chromosome containing cells. The presence of both X and Y chromosome containing cells indicates a male foetus while the presence of only X chromosome containing cells. The presence of both X and Y chromosome containing cells indicates female foetus. Chorionic villous biopsy technique involves the taking out of a mass of chorionic villi by passing a catheter through the cervix and testing for the changes which gives an idea of the superior gender of the foetus as early as the third month of intrauterine life. Foetoscopy involves the taking out of blood by a thin needle from the foetus for gender determination and study of hereditary disorders.

One should not go for these artificial techniques for selecting the progeny of desirable gender because these techniques themselves cause various complication and side effects besides being illegal and immoral. Ultrasonography or ultrasound scanning, though a non-invasive technique of watching the picture of genital organs of the foetus, can impede the physical and mental development of the intrauterine foetus because of the effect of inaudible high frequency sound waves. Ultrasound can lead to bad effect on bones particularly bone narrow, tests, brain, sense external organs especially eyes and likely to cause neurotic behavior, irritability and cancer in later live of the intrauterine foetus along with harmful effects even to the expectant mothers. Amniocentesis being an unnatural invasive technique carries the risk of puncturing the foetus by the aspiration needle. It can also cause abortion not only due to the pain of prick to the foetus but also because of the turbulence caused by the needle beside carrying the risk of transmitting infection to the infection to the intrauterine foetus. Chorionic villi biopsy technique is a potentially dangerous invasive technique with high chance of injury, infection and induced abortion along with all the risks that go with amniocentesis. Foetoscopy in which foetal blood is taken out has risks of rupturing the foetal organs, uncontrolled bleeding, infection and abortion.

The worst part of antenatal gender determination tests is that after knowing the gender of the antenatal foetus, these is a tendency to get rid of the foetus of undesirable gender by induced abortion. Abortion of the intrauterine foetus cannot be justified as it is the murder of the weak human life which is incapable of defending itself and so is a blot on humanity. An unborn child should have rights and dignity equal to other human being sex . A fertilized ovum is the new human life although it requires the protection of the mother for survival. It should be realized that the foetus is living and though unable to speak tries to defend itself and is in deep agony when attempts are made to abort it. So the antenatal tests which are carried out for prenatal diagnosis of chromosomal, hereditary, genetic, congenital and metabolic sexual disorders, gender linked hereditary disease and haemoglobinopathies should be legally banned not only because they are too likely to be misused for gender determination as their most important practical role but also because that even the defective foetus should be allowed to be born unless nature does not abort it spontaneously by natural mate selection. Artificial gender determination tests and the accompanying induced abortion should be legally banned under all circumstances. Nobody should interfere in the plan of nature, otherwise the natural evolutionary course of sexual behavior is severely altered. The desire for a particular gender offspring can at most be fulfilled by the natural technique of preselection of desirable gender progeny postulated and developed by Dr. Sukumar Agarwal.