Q.58. What is bisexuality?

Ans. Bisexuality is the term used for a person who can establish both heterosexual and homosexuality relationship at his/her will with equal case. Most person can become bisexual if the social norms permit them though the homosexual component is the unnatural divergent form of sexual urge created by a exploring human intelligence. Bisexual is infact a homosexuals who can also establish heterosexual relationship.




Q.59. What is bestiality?

Ans. Bestiality or zoophilia is sexual intercourse done by a human being with an sexuality of animal. In most cases, bestiality is practiced by a human sex  male doing sexual intercourse with a female animal like sheep, goat, cow, buffalo, ass, horse, bitch, hen and duck.




Q.60. What is Paedophilia?

Ans. Paedophilia or child sex abuse is using a child for sexual gratification by an adult human being. Paedophilia is almost always committed by a man with a boy or girl who may establish homosexual or hetero sexual relationship with him/her. The sexually abused and exploited child develops a sense of shame, guilt, fear and anger and usually does not tell the parents. Some sexually victimized cases of paedophilia are committed by neighbors, family, friends and visitors. A child should be taught that his/her private parts are to be handled by him/her alone or by the parents for cleaning and washing and not by others. A child should be made to learn to boldly resist only evil design directed on his/her sexual behavior modesty and tell about it to the parents.