Q.32. What is the role of breasts in sexuality?

Ans. Breasts are basically means for lactation of young ones. Still, they are the organs of sexual attraction and cause the arousal of passion by sense of light and touch. Large, firm, stiff and creamy breasts with a small red firm nipple surrounded by pinkish red areola are the best both from the point of view health and attraction. Nipple followed by areola is the most sensuous part of the breasts feeding.

Sex stimulators

Q.33. Discuss about sex stimulators and exciters?

Ans. Conducive sexual atmosphere, personal cleanliness, senses of touch, sight and hearing, sex organs, art of dance, music, painting and sculpture, sexual gaze and styles constitute sex stimulants. Privacy secrecy and tension free mind are essential as the partners do not want to be disturbed. Passionate behavior, sensuous postures, intense liking for each other and expression of love cause sexual excitement. The culturally acceptable stylish form of sex appeal makes the mind sexually sensuous. Foreplay prior to actual sexual act is necessary and includes embracing, kissing, licking, pressing, necking, smoothing, mild pinching, light biting, gazing, appreciating , emitting sexual sounds as well as smelling axillae and other body parts of the partner. Kissing and licking of lips, tongue breasts, nipples and thighs is desirable. Massaging of penis and vulva is desirable. The methods of sexual not be imposed as they may irritate her/him. Man should play a more active role in the sexual act.


Q.34. What are aphrodisiacs? Is their use desirable?

Ans. Aphrodisiacs or sex rejuvenants are the substances which stimulate the sexual hidden desire and have a hypnotizing effect. They are basically useful for man to be sexually potent. Milk, honey, gooseberry, meat particularly tests of animal, eggs, pulses, dry and juicy fruits are the natural aphrodisiacs which increase the sexual potency and virility. Perfumes, scents, flowers, jewellery, fresh air, rain, air, rain, breeze, moderate cool temperature, cleanliness and psychological effect on sexual behavior potency. Introxicants, wine, certain mild poisons, hypnotics and substances containing sex hormones along with hypnotism and

Artificial penis

Q.35. What is artificial penis?

Ans. Artificial penis is a penis like object used for satisfying the sexual lust of over sexy or sex ethics starved woman. The artificial object resembling a penis is radish, carrot, lady finger, stick, pencil, pen and candle which is inserted in the vagina with up and down movements. A woman may ask another woman or maid servant or her inadequate husband to wear a belt having a penis like contrivance made of rubber, plastic, wood, steel, copper or brass and ride over her and perform all the sexually stimulating acts like a man. Artificial penis tends to perform artificial sexual intercourse though full satisfaction is still not there for the woman. Penile prosthetic implant is now being done by means of micro-vascular and micro- neurological surgery to be put in place of defective penis.