Conceiving female Pregnancy


Q.5. Is there any natural method to conceive a female child?

Ans. The three postulates put forward by Dr. Sukumar Agarwal for ensuring the female pregnancy are:
> i) Determine the time of ovulation.
ii) Sexual intercourse done between three and two days prior to ovulation ensures female pregnancy.
iii) The vaginal pH should preferably be made acidic at the time of sexual act during this period.

Though all the three postulates should be observed, the first two are mandatory for procuring the female progeny. The first and second postulates are absolutely natural too. So simply the clear  sex knowledge of the menstrual cycle and the timing of sexual intercourse can ensure the conception of the female child.

The first thing is to calculate the date of ovulation which can be easily done in a woman having regular menstrual cycle. It must be realized that this philosophy can only work in a woman having at least last three menstrual cycles of equal duration. Sexual behavior should be done off and on menstruation with the last encounter being two to three days prior to ovulation. Sexual activity must be stopped for about a week from about two days prior to ovulation till five days after ovulation. The couple should consume acidic foods from one week prior to ovulation for a few days. The time of sexual intercourse should be early morning after urination when the urogenital tract becomes acidic. Vinegar solution which provides an acidic medium should be sprinkled over the penis with retracted prepuce. Similarly a few drops of vinegar solution should be poured in the vaginal orgasm cavity by means of a pipette or dropper. The acidic medium of female genital tract immobilizes and kills the weaker male producing Y sperms easily than the relatively stronger female producing X sperms. With all these manoeuvres, the fruit is nearly cent percent likely to be a female offspring.