Curbing population explosion



Q.11. How can the problem of population be curbed? What are the methods to limit the size of the family?

Ans. Sex is fundamentally meant for the procreation of children. The highest pleasure is bestowed by nature for the most important function of producing offsprings through sex. The function of all the forms of life seems to be the procreation of the self by reproduction. The meaning and purpose of life is basically to produce offsprings and to look after them till they grow up to become independent. Population explosion results when a form of life say human beings, reproduce to their full potential and struggle for their survival is the least. As the survival rate of human beings has unnaturally increased because of effective check on diseases and death rate and increase of survival and life expectancy, it requires family limitation which leads to the survival ultimately of lower quality of human generation. In the long run population explosion curbs the procreating potential of human beings. Large population causes stress which leads to reduced frequency of sexual behavior less conceptions, more abortions and high infant mortality rate. Congested living conditions, famines, pollution and struggle for existence result in decreased potency and fertility. Over population is one natural way of family limitation. If a maximum number of children are produced by all people, it results in a large population of the world. As the world can contain only a limited population, the fittest ,can survive. The ideal population, of the world should be about one billion and at the most two billions for the best possible living. Curbing of the population by artificial family planning methods and ensuring the survival of all is not desirous because that makes the population fundamentally ‘/leak and defective. There should ideally be no immunization and all should live under natural conditions. By this manner, the best and healthiest of the human beings will survive and humanity will become a better class as a whole. Controlled births and ensuring their survival by artificial means leads to fall in human genetic quality generation after generation. When all are given nearly equal natural chances, the defective, disabled, diseased weak individuals are naturally eliminated. Artificial methods like vaccinations, surgical procedures and chemical drugs should not be administered to any person. This is how the population of plants and animals is restricted in nature. By this natural selection, though some chance factors do operate, the best quality of human beings survive generation after generation thereby making : humanity of superior quality.

Curbs on reproduction, though unnatural may required at certain times in the human sex  society. When a person develops the concept of limiting children because of the problem of rearing large number of them, as well as because of socio-environmental factors of over population, he/she thinks of family planning. Also when socio-economic status of society rises and people become more pleasure oriented, they tend to shirk from responsibility of family life and nurturance of children which results in decrease of population. tough a large family is the symbol of sexual development ld well-being, the struggle for existence and .verse objective conditions demand for curb on production.

There are various artificial methods for temporary sterilization. The best of all these is the penile condom which acts as a physical barrier preventing terms from penetrating the female genital tract meet the ovum. Vaginal condoms, rubber sheath, diaphragm, vaginal cream, paste, pessary, jelly, copper-T, metallic loop, chemical chips, liquid silica hormonal depots and oral pills are temporary sterilization techniques to be adopted by women. The permanent sterilization technique is by vasectomy in male and tubectomy in female. Among the natural methods is coitus interrupts in which the penis is withdrawn from the vagina just prior to the discharge of spermatic fluid at the peak of sexual intercourse and ejaculation of spermatic fluid emission outside the vaginal orgasm . Another natural technique is rhythm method. Rhythm method means that sexual intercourse should not be done near about the period of ovulation because it is only at the time of ovulation that fertilization can take place. Sexual stages of intercourse can be done safely for about 2 to 3 days after menstruation and 10 days prior to the expected next menstruation without chances of fertilization in these 12-13 days as it ensures safety even in a menstrual cycle as short as twenty two days. What is perhaps the best is the natural rhythm and abstinence method, use of penile condom and after a serious thought the permanent vasectomy/tubectomy if at all desired by the couple.