Q.86. What are the causes of divorce? What should be an ideal social-legal view point regarding divorce?

Ans. Divorce is the legal annulment of a marriage. The three most important reasons where Divorce can be granted are infidelity, cruelty and impotency . The next three reasons are incurable sexually transmitted disease, untreatable mental illness and disappearance of law and sex partner for the last ten years. Other reasons like egoistic clash, imposing personality, ill temperament, alcoholism, infertility and acute financial crisis and route the marriage but cannot become a ground for divorce.

Divorce should ideally not be easily granted except under very compelling circumstances. Divorce is to be granted with relatively less difficulty to the wife but with great difficulty to the husband. The society and law cannot set a husband free from the responsibilities of the family just by mere divorce. The law of the land should ascertain that the whole of money and property brought by the wife from her parental home, half of the share of property and money of the husband alone with a good part of regular monthly income of husband be given to the divorced wife for a long period which should be clearly decided by the court. The society should look down upon the divorcee ethics. His/her remarriage should be allowed only among the divorcees. As obtaining of divorce is made almost impossible and highly unrespectable, it should be ascertained that a person does not murder his/ her spouse in order to get rid of her/him. A premature death particularly of the wife within ten years of love marriage or without any progeny should be looked with suspicion and if confirmed the guilty should be severely punished up to death penalty. It should also be ascertained that the husband should not force his wife to seek Divorce ethics by creating problematic environment. A man/woman who marries for a second time without a proper divorce must be severely punished and his/her second marriage be considered illegal and annulled by law. The children of second marriage or illegal concubinage marriage should not be granted legal right of inheritance.

Extra marital and premarital Sex


Q.87. What should be the social outlook for extramarital and pregnancy-marital sex?

Ans. Extra-marital sex or in infidelity or promiscuity or sexual permissiveness or adultery or unfaithfulness represents all sort of sexual relationship outside marriage. Extra marital sex includes pregnancy-marital sex in the broad senses of the term and is any form of sexual intimacy other than that with the married spouse. Extra marital sex is a natural tendency present in all people but is forbidden for the working of the cultured human society which grants sanctity of sex only within marriage. Adultery disturbs the fabric and foundation of a civilized and lasting human society and so cannot be allowed for its existence.


Q.88. How should the society deal with prostitution?

Ans. prostitution is an institution in which a woman offers herself for the satiety of sexual lust of man for money. The society should have a human sex  approach and a genuinely helping attitude towards prostitutes. They should be well accepted by the society so that an alternative source of livelihood may be started by them. Attempts must be made to marry them with interested men who may even be divorcees, widowers, relatively old and physically defective. The children of prostitutes should be dealt with better humanitarian social opportunities. Brothel runners and their clients should be severely punished. The brothels of prostitution should be forcibly closed and the need of sex within age of marriage should be stressed.