Economic Security of wife


Q.84. How should economic security be ensured to the wife?

Ans. Economy ensures the means to living and the wife should be made economically strong and secure though she may not be earning. A daughter should have the right to property inheritance similar to a son in case she is either unmarried or a divorcee/widow and does not have a son above twenty years of age. In other cases a woman need not get the property from her parents and she should be given her due share at the time of love marriage which is to remain only in her name and not in the name of her husband. The economic share of the husband should be the common property of both the husband and wife. The expenses of the wedding and other marriage ceremonies should be shared by both the families with the total expenditure of the family of the boy being more than that of the family of the girl. The money, gifts, jewellery and property given by the parents of both the spouses should be declared at the time of marriage in the presence of prominent religio-sociao-legal personals and notified in legal register. Any demand of dowry from the side of the boy should be seriously taken by the society and the law, more particularly if it is after marriage and accompanied harassment of the bride. The money and property given by the parents of the bride must remain with the bride in her name for the whole life. It cannot be taken back by her parents nor by her husband and in-laws. The wealth and property acquired by the bride from her parents as well as the in-laws cannot be sold or parted as gifts to anybody else till at least twenty years of age of marriage or in exceptional cases by the intervention of the law. On the other hand, the wealth, property, gifts and jewellery given parents of the boy as well as acquired by the boy should be common to both the spouses. The wealth and property acquired from the side of husband can be sold by mutual consent of the husband and wife in case of any economic crisis in the family.

In case of death of the husband, his share of property and wealth should go to his wife and not to his parents or brothers. If the widow or divorce remarries, the property is passed on to his children. If the wife dies within ten years of marriage without leaving any child it should be a legal burden on the husband and his family to prove that it was not a foul play. In case of divorcee, half of the property and wealth of the husband and whole of the property and wealth in the name of wife should go to her.


Healthy Husband –wife relationship


Q.85. How to ensure healthy relationship between husband and wife?

Ans. A healthy relationship between husband and wife is possible by discharging duties and sexual behaving according to the socially expected obligations. Each should try to fulfill the expectations of the other as much as possible. Intrinsic love for the life mate, respect for in –laws and ensuring everything to become the ideal spouse and parent go a long way in keeping healthy relationship between husband and wife.