Ensuring male pregnancy


Q.4. Is there any natural method which can ensure the birth of a male child?

Ans. There are three postulates advocated by Dr. Sukumar Agarwal, author of the book for ensuring male pregnancy. They are:

i) Determine the time of ovulation.
ii) Sexual intercourse done within one day after ovulation ensure male pregnancy .
iii) The vaginal pH should preferably be made alkaline at the time sexual intercourse during this period.

Although all the three postulates should be observed for cent per cent success, the first two are invariably essential for procuring the male progeny. The first and second postulates are absolutely natural too. So simply the clear  sex knowledge of the menstrual cycle and timing of sexual intercourse done just after ovulation but within one day of ovulation renders very high chances of male pregnancy.

The first thing is to calculate the date of ovulation which can be easily done in a wife having a regular menstrual cycle as this theory can work only in a woman having regular menstrual cycles of equal duration. An appropriate date can be known easily in a woman who is having at least the last three regular menstrual cycles because ovulation occurs about fourteen days prior to the onset of the next menstruation. Onset of menstrual flow marks the first day of a menstrual cycle. Ovulation occurs on the fourteenth day in a twenty eight day menstrual cycle, on the twelfth day in a twenty six day menstrual cycle while on the sixteenth day in a thirty day menstrual cycle. Ovulation can be confirmed if a normal healthy woman is measuring her basal body temperature daily for at least a week prior to the expect date of ovulation every morning just after waking up. There is a sudden fall in the morning temperature of about 0.5°F on the day just before ovulation. There is a rise in the morning temperature buy 0.5°F from the normal level just after ovulation. Thus there is increase of 1°F from the fallen to risen level just before and just after ovulation. The alteration of temperature from the lower to higher limit marks ovulation. There is a continues rise of temperature for at least three days just after ovulation. The couple should not have sexual intercourse for at least one week prior to ovulation. The external organs os of cervix becomes soft at the time of ovulation. Cervical secretion become thin and the vagina becomes wet with mucous at the time of ovulation.

The couple should consume alkaline foods and avoid acidic foods for at least a few days prior to ovulation. The alkaline direct is very important with at least a meal taken a few hours prior to actual stage of intercourse results in alkaline urine making the passage of sperms through the male urethra in an alkaline medium. Sexual intercourse should be done after about two hours of consuming an alkaline meal. It is necessary that both the partners especially the male should urinate after the meal just before the sexual act. After urination, the man should sprinkle soda bicarbonate powder also called baking soda over the glans, corona glands, coronary sulcus as well as on the prepuce by everything it and even on the shaft of penis. Its concentrated solution as a few drops of baking soda solution can be poured in the vaginal orgasm cavity by a pipette or dropper. The man should fully stimulate and excite the woman sexually prior to actual sexual intercourse so that she release large quantity of cervical and vaginal secretions which help to mix the soda bicarbonate powder in the vaginal cavity and facilitates the smooth performance of the sexual act and later the transport of sperm in the female genital tract.

During the sexual act, the woman should lie down in the supine position with a pillow below her hips instead of her head. Her legs are raised so as to fall on the shoulders, back or arms of man. In this position, deep and full insertion of the penis is possible. Spermatic fluid should be discharged deep inside the vagina. After the sexual act, the woman should remain in the supine position for about half an hour with hips and feet on the bed and knees raised though the pillow is taken out from below her hips after the sexual act is accomplished. Sexual intercourse should be repeated in the same way for next one to two days from the time of ovulation at frequent in intervals of about twelve hours.