Ensuring of children born by woman


Q.8. How can gender equality be ensured in the society?

Ans. The superior health , height, strong voice and necessary sexual assertiveness tends to make man acquire dominating position in the family and society. The woman finds herself at the receiving end. She is dependent upon the husband on economy for the material sustenance in the civilized society as well as his dominating physique for protection against sexual behavior exploitation of her and children by other men. The gender ratio may increase in favor of males because of biased attitude of the society. For this purpose, it is essential that more familial social, economic and legal rights be given to women discriminately in order to compensate for her natural physical inferiority. It is therefore necessary that the female gender be granted with more social right and legal power which is an essential requisite of the human society that wishes to survive in a cultured and civilized manner.

At the level of family, the wife should be considered to be the axis around which the whole home can revolve. The wife should have relatively more freedom, leisure and easy life at home. Because of the special power of conceiving and giving birth to a child, breast feeding and tender rearing which is the most important purpose of nature, the intelligent, moral and cultured human society can render prime position to the woman in the family, while man can be considered to be having an accessory role in feeding and protection of his children and their mother. Such a cultured state in which the wife is valued and adored for the peculiar special capacity of bearing the offspring which is the real purpose of life can raise the status of the women. Wife bashing violence, derogatory remarks and psychological trauma on the physically milder wife by the husband should be resisted by her, family and society which is possibly by the wife knowing about her social rights and legal power through good self help sex education, harsh laws of the land and social interference to the limited extent when demanded by the wife. The wife should not be forced for prebirth gender testing, induced abortion , antifertility pills, contraceptive implants, birth control intrauterine devices, vaccines and tubectomy operation. For in most cases she is subjected to undue pressure from husband and in laws for these acts to which she succumbs because of her subservient nature.

At the level of the society, the laws should be legislated in favor of the women after due consideration of ground reality. The legal and social laws should discriminately serve the interest of the physically weaker gender. It is desirable that there should be religious festivals and social function in which the female is worshipped and accorded due respect. There must be legal, social and religious notification of dowry received by the bride from the side of the her parents at the time of her love marriage which must be non-transferable as well as notification of the share of money and property to be given to the husband by his family. She should get all the dowry that she brings from her parents at the time of marriage along with half the share of the property and money notified in the name of the husband at the time of marriage as well as regular sustenance allowance in case of any unfortunate event of divorce or even separation. However the regular sustenance allowance should be given to her till she does not remarry. The death of married woman within ten years of age of marriage as well as all suspicious foul plays should be seriously considered by the law of the land. The human female should be granted free education at all stages, minimum fifty percent schools and colleges for girls, reservation at topmost levels of education, ticket less travel, first preference at social places where man has to queue up and wait for the turn and reservation in politics, administration and jobs directly at higher post above fifty years of age. The punishment conferred for the same crime to women should be less than that conferred to man as a legal benefit to the feminine gender.

However, it must also be ensured by the society and law that the frigidity in woman does not draw extraneous advantages out of the socio-legally favourable situation. The laws should change according to the needs of the cultured human  society whose values should be always high and based on moral principles.