Healthy attitude towards sex

Q.100. What should be the healthy attitude towards sex?

Ans. Sex is the most important aspect and phenomenon of human life. Sex is the creative urge that sustains life. The life is basically form and for the purpose of sex. All aspects of sex are concluded by the mind. crude sexual behavior is innate in human beings as in all forms of life. Liberal attitude towards sex is not a licence for abnormal and immoral deeds. Complete sexual freedom at the cost of  sexual morality   rings the death-knoll of the culture of human civilization and such a human society is not different from animal society.

Human culture works on ethical principles of sex education, social laws and legal punishment. Betterment of human race in a natural way should be the goal of society. The sanctity of love marriage which is the most important even of life after birth and death should be preserved. Sex should confer the building up of healthy, humane, cultural and ethical values in the social order of life. A balance must be maintained between individual freedom based on innate sex instincts and socio-cultural values based on ethical principles. Personal selfishness should be sublimed into idealistic life. It must be ensured that emotions and rationality compromise with each other adequately sex ethics should have a rational values oriented cultural morality and ultimate larger interest of human-kind but also cater to the immediate natural emotions, feelings and hidden desires of human beings. Sex should serve its purpose of perfection and whole sameness in life by being allocated its due place and importance being neither under-emphasized nor over- emphasized. Sex should ensure enrichment of personality and fullness of human sex  life in its ideal perspective and identity.