Q.57. Describe male and female homosexuality?

Ans. Homosexuality is abnormal love and sexual gratification with a person of same gender. Homosexuality indicates sexual inversion with emotional immaturity where a person makes wrong adjustment with sexuality. Homosexuality beings either by developing it as a habit due to wrong social exposure or due to comparatively strong perverse tendency. The person adjusts with the wrong habits later on. Homosexuality has a genetic component, though the social environment is directly responsible for it. Though an inhibited tendency for homosexuality is present in all persons, there is hereditary difference in the intensity of such a sexual behavior which easily precipitates in a socially conducive environment. Homosexuals tendencies increase when the outlet of natural heterosexuality is curbed. Frank homosexuality is not seen in animals except for mild tendency. Plants exhibit attraction towards opposite strain. Even electricity and magnetism have attraction for opposite charge and polarity. So love for same gender is abnormal and unnatural.

Male homosexuality or gayism is the sexual relationship between two human sex  males in the form of anorectal coitus and orobuccal coitus. Of the two males, either both or at least one who is almost always the active agent is a gay. The hypothalamus of a homosexually inclined man is almost half the normal size. The smaller the size of hypothalamus the greater are the chances of a person becoming gay. Gaysim is an addiction that perverts the mind and makes a man lose interest in normal heterosexual vaginal sexual intercourse. A homosexual man may resort to anorectal coitus, orobuccal coitus and penile masturbation with his wife or female partner instead of heterosexual relationship.

Female homosexuality or lesbianism is the sexual relationship between two human females. The two equal sex partners rub the external genitalia of each other by stimulating their clitoris which is usually enlarged in the lesbians. Each lesbian may in turmtie an artificial phallus with an abdominal belt and insert it in the vagina of the other. the two lesbian partners also feel contented by embracing the naked bodies, kissing the lips, licking the vulva and massaging the breast of each other. lesbianism is also practiced between the active female lesbian and the passive normal female adolescent. The passive female also gradually tends to develop into a lesbian at a later stage. Hereditary predisposition for lesbianism is present with dominating nature, enlarged clitoris, higher testosterone level, good body built and antisocial nature. Active and passive lesbian may live together like a married couple. Lesbian tends to lose interest in natural heterosexual relationship because of her perverted sexual adjustment.

Male and female infertility homo-sexuality is psychologically treated through desensitization and deconditioning of the homosexual stimuli and resensitization and reconditioning of the normal heterosexual stimuli. Balanced love and care as well as correct sex valves imparted by the parents to their children can prevent them from becoming homosexuals.