Q.89. How should an illegitimate child be handled by the society?

Ans. An illegitimate child or bastard is one born outside the wedlock. Such a child remains with the mother if she so hidden or disposes off the child for the purpose of adoption. The adopted child inherits the property of the adopter parents. In case of doubt of exchange of new born child in hospital or faithfulness of wife, the parents/ father should avoid the real or imaginary doubts about the legitimacy of the child and consider the child who is with them as their own. When a child is born to an unmarried girl or divorcee or widow, the mother must be ready to face all the odds and if the illegal father claimed by the mother is confirmed he will have to give a large part of his property and earning to the mother for bringing up the child as fixed by the law or made to marry the mother of that illegitimate child by the law and society.

Artificial insemination, surrogate mother and test tube baby

Q.90. What are artificial insemination, surrogate mother and test tube baby? Are they justifiable?

Ans. Artificial insemination is an unnatural method developed to impregnate the woman by the spermatic fluid of either her husband or some other man by means of special pipette inserted per vagina discharging the spermatic fluid at the mouth of cervix of uterus. Homologous artificial insemination uses spermatic fluid of husband to fertilize the ovum of his wife, where husband is impotent but fertile or fertile wife desists from sexual intercourse due to any reason. Heterologous artificial insemination or doner artificial insemination involves usage of spermatic fluid of some unknown man to fertilize the ovum of normal wife.

Surrogate mother is the hired normal woman for bearing child when the husband is normal and the wife defective. A genetic mother is woman whose egg is used and the biological mother of the child. The surrogate mother may or may not be the genetic mother of the child. Gestational surrogate mother is hired woman whose uterus is used for the sexual development of fertilized ovum taken out of fallopian tube of the fertile wife. Genetic surrogate mother is a hired woman who is impregnated by the sperm of the husband where wife is infertile.

Test tube baby is an unnatural assisted reproductive technique of out of body conception till fully matured foetus by developing artificial conditions akin to those in the uterus. In most instances, test tube by the sperm and ovum and the zygote is transplanted in the uterus.

Artificial insemination, surrogate mother and test tube baby are unnatural manoeuvres which should be legally banned, severely punished and social-morally condemned. The fetuses developed in the laboratories are likely to become inhuman and mechanized. Human dignity, love and compassion come on the receiving end. There is rapid decline in natural emotions and human values. Sperms, ova, and human fetuses are likely to be played and experimented in the hands of medical scientists which will end the human sex  society. The only reply to these problems is adoption of child.


Q.91. What are the best criteria for adopting a child?

Ans. Adoption is the socio-legal transfer of a child from the real natural biological parents to the adopter social foster parents. It is best to adopt a child from the blood relatives because of genetic similarity preferably from the intended family of the wife if the husband is defective and vice-versa. An orphan child may be adopted if a suitable child is not available in the extended family or even genetically related society itself. The younger the child the better he/she is suitable for adoption. The adopted child may be of any superior gender or of desirable gender, though the male child is usually preferred. The adopter parents as well as the adopted child should behave and act exactly like natural parents and real biological child respectively.