Law and Sex

Q.97. How can the law of the land interfere in human sexuality?

Ans. Law should have an amalgamation of cultural and moral values with the natural inherent forces and basic sexual behavior hidden desires. if required the laws can be framed so as to eliminate defective and diseased person with major genetic problems from the world in the ultimate interest of human society. The laws are framed for the general benefit of masses to ensure the continuity of the decent human society though they curb the fundamental human society though they curb the fundamental human instincts which tend to violate the laws in their selfish interest. Laws should not fulfill the short sighted selfish ends of a person at the cost of social  sexual morality and should be in the long term interest of human beings in general. It should be kept in mind that each every person has a tendency that laws should be strictly enforced upon others while he/ she is left scot free from legal curbs so as to act according to his/her baser hidden desires. Unless there is strict implementation of laws by the government and society, the basic human selfishness inhibits a person from obeying them. Legal interference is required for the existence of a value based cultured society.

Legal punishment should be both retributive and preventive. The retributive aspect helps in the sexual fulfillment of the revengeful tendency of human being sex . A wrong act or even an unsuccessful attempt to that act can be legally punished. The preventive aspect confers the punishment with a tyrant hand so that other people see the result of doing a crime and fear punishment. The convict should be provided with religious, moral, social and legal sex education along with physical exercises and yoga. The environment should be such that the prisoner repents for the sins committed by him/her and forgets about taking revenge from the person who has been responsible for the punishment after completing the sentence. Various practical trades and crafts should be taught to the prisoner according to his/her individual taste so that he/she can be easily rehabilitated in the society after the term. The legal legislation should change the laws from time to time according to the necessity of time and place though the legal principles of morality should be the same. Marriage, spouse battering, divorce, foetal gender determination tests, abortion , homosexuality, paedophilia, incest, eve teasing, prostitution , illegitimacy, adoption, infanticide and pornography are some of the sexual aspects which have a direct legal bearing and interference.

Wife battering

Q.98. How can wife battering be prevented by the law?

Ans. Wife battering can take place because she is physically weaker and economically dependent upon her husband as well as wrong social conditioning which calls her to compromise at all costs even to the extent of leading a subservient secondary status to man. Also, she becomes isolated as she leaves her supportive paternal home and comes to stay in the home of her provider husband or even her in-laws. Wife battering occurs whenever the cultural and moral values take a back seat. She is psychologically harassed and physically assaulted on one pretext or the other. Her shortcoming may be pin pointed or even exaggerated while those of her husband not even considered at all because all the teasers cling together who happen to be her dominating husband and his biological family members.