Monogamous marriage


Q.74. Why is monogamous marriage desirable?

Ans. Monogamous marriage is desirable because it is ideal and best looks into the perfect interests of husband wife and children. Monogamy fulfils the real purpose of marriage. Polygamous marriage either of polyandrous or polygamous type in which a person has several spouses is undesirable except in compelling circumstances in which the ratio of males and females is extremely unbalanced in the society due to any reason.

Basis of selection of life mate

Q.75. What should be the basis of selection of life mate?

Ans. Choosing of life partner is, perhaps the most important decision in one’s life and the step should be taken with great caution. The main aspects which one should consider as the basis of selection of life mate are physical, mental cruelty, genetic and miscellaneous factors. It should be realized that the concept of perfection is only an idealized aesthetic factor which varies from time to time and society to society. The general concepts about the mate selection of life partner should be kept in mind! I and the decision should be taken on a realistic plane. The physical aspect includes health , height, complexion and features. Health implies good musculature, minimal subcutaneous fats and high level of hemoglobin in blood. The ideal height for man is slightly above six feet and for woman slightly above five and a half feet. The ideal difference between a man and woman is about twelve kilograms in weight and five inches in height both being more in man than woman. White complexion is preferred particularly in societies with basically dark or brown complexion. Features include all bodily features and skin texture particularly facial features and hair.

The mental cruelty aspect includes intelligence, talents, nature and habits. Higher general and specific intelligence as well as different talents are desirable though they make the individual more ambitious. Nature refers to basic temperament and habits to acquired sexual behaviour which form the ultimate basis of adjustment and understanding in family planning and responsible for successful and happy age of married life.

The genetic aspect looks into the hereditary basis of the physical and mental qualities of the parents, siblings and other near biological relatives of the fiancée. Various hereditary diseases and genetic disorders must be properly evaluated.

Miscellaneous factors mainly include socio-economic and cultural aspects, age factor and pair appropriateness. Identical, social, economic, cultural and educational background of the fiancées and their families usually make better adjustment between the spouses. The husband should ideally be about two to five years older than the wife. Pair appropriateness implies suitability among the fiancées and should not appear mismatched. Compatibility between the fiancées and their families is much more important than the ideal values considered above. Attachment at the emotional level with the law and sex partner is most important.