Nocturnal emission


Q.62 .What is nocturnal emission?

Ans. Nocturnal emission or nightfall or dream error or wet dream is the discharge of spermatic fluid in man and genital secretions in woman during sleep often accompanied by a sexually stimulating dream and intense sexual behavior desire. Nocturnal emission usually does not take place in deep sleep but in light early morning late stage sleep. Nocturnal emission is experienced by almost hundred per cent men. It is basically a male problem like masturbation.
Nocturnal emission is a normal physiological phenomenon of relieving the accumulated spermatic fluid in the absence of sexual intercourse beginning from about fifteen years of age in boys and is similar to the initiation of menstruation in females. One or two nocturnal emissions per week is normal in male who is not releasing his spermatic fluid by any other means. Nocturnal emission usually do not occur after marriage when the normal sexual activity begins. As nocturnal emission is normal and natural phenomenon, one should not torture himself with guilty consciousness and depression. The guilt complex develops because in this involuntary act, the spermatic fluid is not utilized as in sexual intercourse for the purpose of procreation for which it is basically formed.

Frequent nocturnal emission should however be checked as they may impede the normal sexual development of a person. Excessive stimulation of seminal vesicles is the main cause of nocturnal emission. Nocturnal emissions may be reduced by avoiding masturbation, constipation, anxiety, depression, reading cheap literature, pornography and stimulatory foods like spices, fried foods, coffee, tea and tobacco. Bodily cleanliness, washing off of smegma from glans-penis while bathing, serene mind, meditation, taking dinner and milk two hours prior to sleep and regular physical exercises are desirable. Cold water bath in summers and washing of feet with fresh water in winters before retiring to bed is advised in nightfall sufferers. Psychological and physical rest to genital sex organs is required. It leads to increase in the capability of the seminal vesicles to hold large quantity of seminal fluid. When they are full instead of releasing the fluid out, production of more glandular secretion is checked to some extent and the sperms are absorbed locally by seminiferous tubules and other parts of the genital tract resulting in the prevention of wastage of elements and energy of the spermatic fluid. Full sexual control is not desirable but unnecessary wastage of the spermatic fluid should be checked. Nocturnal emissions should be checked to not more than once in a week. Early age of marriage is desirable to be relieved from the problem of nightfall.