Number of children born by woman


Q.9. How many children can woman bear in her life time? Should a person produce maximum number of children possible?

Ans. A woman has an optimum capacity to produce about fifteen children in her active sexual life of 30-35 years. However cases are on a record with women delivering up to two dozen or more children in their lives. On the other hand some women are unable to bear children. The natural meaning and purpose of life is to produce maximum number of offspring’s in one’s life. Propagation of self is the natural urge and ultimate aim of sex life. Curb on reproduction is unnatural and against the plan of nature. However the objective conditions of human sex  society may demand a significant curb on reproduction. The selfish approach also demands limitation of family size because ultimately, say after two hundred years, his/her direct genetic make up is reduced to less than one per cent of his/her present self. The first generation of a person has 50 percent, second generation 25 percent, third generation 12.5 percent , fourth generation 6.25 percent, fifth generation 3.12 percent, sixth generation 1.56 percent and seventh generation 0.78 percent, eight generation 0.39 percent, ninth generation 0.2 percent, tenth generation 0.1 percent, eleventh generation 0.05 percent twelfth generation 0.025 percent and so on. The genes are also suddenly transformed by mutation.