Q.70. Is ragging justified?

Ans. Ragging is basically a perverted sexual behaviour for sexual harassment in the garb of introduction of juniors by the seniors. While the basic objective is to build a rapport with the fresher, in most cases ragging degenerates into vulgarity. If ragging crosses the limits of pure introduction and decent fun, the perpetrators should be severely punished by the concerned authorities.

Eve Teasing

Q.71. How can eve teasing be prevented?

Ans. Eve teasing is a phenomenon in which a human sex  male enjoys irritating a human female with indecent remarks and harsh visual gaze with sexual overtones. Molestation is a step further of eve teasing in which physical touching and rubbing of a girl is done by a boy. The remedy lies in simple life ignoring the guy if his harassing verbal dialogues and non verbal expression are of mild nature. However if the scene becomes too much to tolerate she should behave boldly by acting in self defence to any extent as the situation may require. Shouting, pinching, biting, pushing, kicking, hitting, taekwandoo and judo-karate techniques must be adopted by her accordingly on the offensive line without any fear even though she is molested by a physically stronger male eve teaser. Of course, presence of mind and intellectual manipulation of the situation is also required along with physical courage. Eve teaser should be punished both by the society and the law and sex of the land.


Q.72. What is Venereophobia?

Ans. Venereophobia or sexually transmitted disease phobia is the psycho-sexual disorder where a person is obsessed by an idea of suffering from a sexually transmitted disease. Among all the Venereophobias, AIDS phobia is the commonest phenomenon. The person flits from one physician to another who excludes all sexually transmitted diseases but still the person has firm conviction of having it. The treatment is entirely psychological by finding out the basic reason of venereophobia in the person. The desensitization of false belief is done followed by reconditioning in the light of reality by providing correct sex knowledge particularly about sexually transmitted decreases including AIDS and other related problems.


Q.73. Which type of family-nuclear or joint is the best?

Ans. A nuclear family comprises of a husband, wife and their unmarried children. A joint or extended family has three or more generations staying together in their original ancestral home sharing a common kitchen, values and economic pool. A nuclear family provides much independence to its members with less feelings of jealousy and quarrels. A joint family is more stable with less divorce rates and better sharing of responsibilities, care of aged parents and disabled persons as well as less feeling of loneliness. The best and ideal family is the nuclear-cum-joint type with monogamous and patrilineal character in which several nuclear families reside within the large premises of the joint family. Each sub-family is economically independent with a separate kitchen but co-operates with each other and takes care of the aged and disabled family members. Nuclear-cum-joint family has major advantages of both the nuclear and joint families with minimum disadvantages.