Sex ethics


Q.99. What is sex ethics? How can moral sexual culture be ensured in human society?

Ans. Sex ethics aims for the ultimate good of the self conscious human life in matters of sex and reproduction based upon certain ideals, conduct, habits, behaviour and character. As sex is the most important aspect of ethics sex and law, the ideals and character are maximum dependent upon his/her sex ethics. Sensience is the basic animate force while rationalism is the evolved form of human minal.  sexual Morality is based on inner consciousness and metaphysical intuition.

There are two kinds of pleasures as sensual and intellectual pleasures. Sensual pleasure or hedonism is empirical, momentary and based upon basic feelings, inherent tendencies and intense immediate pleasure. hedonism believes that sensual pleasure of which sexual pleasure holds the most predominating position, is the only aim of life and the real ultimate goal of our ambitions and desires. The self is sensient with instincts, feelings, emotions and chains of sensation.
Intellectual pleasure or rationality can be experienced only by the higher human psyche and is ideal, calm, serious, long lasting and based on reason. Sexual pleasure should remain not only in the category of sensual pleasure but also occupy an important place in the category of intellectual pleasure. It can be done when higher forms of sex are appreciated. Not only the physical and baser crude form of mental aspects of sex be appreciated, but also the superb mental and ethical aspects of sex be aspired for by the human being. Only then the idealistic sexual ecstasy can be achieved by human being which is much more refined than the gross sexual pleasure obtained by an sexuality of animal.

Human being tends to break the principles and laws in his/her own immediate selfish interest. The unbridled pursuit of instinctive mundane pleasure has led to the end of morality. Sexual behavior values should be refined and of superb quality. All social and legal aspects of sex should be based on ethical principles. Ambitions and instincts have to be curbed at least till the level of not falling into ethical chaos. Moral laws related to sex should be such that a person doing a thing would actually like to have it as a common law with other human beings doing the same thing. such moral laws are framed only after scientific reasoning and realization of the self. The ethical values imposed on human beings should be framed keeping in mind the fundamental human psyche. Sex morality is not self denial though it equally stresses concern for others. the ethical laws governing sexuality have to changed with time keeping in mind the intelligence, rationality, sensitivity and values with ever increasing vistas of  sex knowledge of human society though the basic principles of what is sex morality remain the same. The moral degradation in matter of sex threatens the very existence of humanity with civilized norms. Sex morality deals with manners, customs and virtues regarding sexuality. The pleasure principle of sex should also include a standard of conduct.

The moral sexual culture should begin with family relationship. Stability of a family planning makes a stable virtuous society. Ethical chaos is created in the society with assisted conception where sperms and ova are sold, artificial insemination takes place in a test tube and uterus is given on rent. Sex ethics aims that all artificial contrivances exploiting human sex  sexual values should be curbed altogether. All sex related problems should be tackled on the ethical place. Sex morality is essential for the very existence of human society. The moral sexual culture can be ensured by the value based sex education, ethics based society and strict moral laws governing the land.