Widower/widow and divorce remarriage


Q.81. Should widower/ Widow and divorcees remarry?

Ans. Each and every married couples leaves behind either a widower or widow, the number of the latter being much more because of relatively early age of marriage of a girl and secondly because nature has bestowed 5-10 years of longevity of life to woman on an average. Widower, widow or divorcee should be encouraged to remarry if he/she is still young. An elderly widower or widow having well settled family should be discouraged by the society to remarry though he/she can remarry for the sake of companionship if left alone by the children. No age can be debarred from remarrying. In general an old widower or widow do not need to marry again. It is desirable from the social point of view that a widower/ widow or divorcee should remarry a widow/widower or divorcee though no strict restriction can be imposed upon him/her.


Stability of marriage


Q.82. What are the factors necessary for stability of marriage?

Ans. Stability of age of marriage comes with deep affection, attachment, faithfulness, sacrifice and understanding between husband and wife. Individual freedom is important but the husband and wife should remain under the pressure of family and society.


Successful marriage


Q.83. What makes a marriage successful?

Ans. Successful marriage is not merely a stable love marriage but has a moire positive and optimistic approach. Both the spouses should fulfill the hidden desires and expectations of the life mate as much as possible and must be on the same plane in near totality. One should realize that nobody is perfect and most persons are just an average. One should visualize his/her own merits and demerits before expecting too much from the partner. The two spouses should express their love for each other and become fully aware of the feelings of the other.