Your Amazing Sex Drive


The act of sexual intercourse between man and woman  is the natural, logical culmination of the  God-given drive which  permeates every living human  being. 

The put thigh action into the sex act was purposely made enjoyable  to assure the  continuation of the human  race.  Nature intended us to enjoy sexual intercourse  or would have  created us otherwise.  The wisdom therein was indeed infinite for it has enabled us to survive for  countless centuries.

Sexual intercourse  is man's  only bid for physical immortality.  Through it, and only through  it, can part of him live on.  You are the direct  result of a sexual union, so too is every other human now on earth, and all those who  preceded them; and so too will be all humans  yet to come.

Without the  sex drive  there would be no sexual intercourse, and without sexual intercourse   there would  be no human we have become a race of sex cripples .   Thus, personal survival depends on race survival, because  without  the race there would be no individuals. Similarly, race survival  depends upon the survival of the individuals who make up the human race consequently, it is impossible to divorce the will-to-live from the will to-procreate, for each is dependent on the other, and both rank as the strongest motivating forces in man.

There is nothing wrong about more sex enjoyment with the gluteal squeeze sexual intercourse, any more than there is anything wrong about enjoying a deep breath of fresh air. Each satisfies a fundamental biological urge, a hunger if you will, that is needed for survival of the race on the one hand and survival of the individual on the other.

Nature works many miracles, but none so remarkable as reproduction and the powerful built- in drive to procreate. No matter how much you study this subject or how much you learn about it, you will never cease to marvel at its intricate, fascinating mysteries.

Your built-in sex drive is linked closely with your very desire to live. It is bound up with everything you do from infancy to old age, and influences all of your thoughts and actions. Your sex glands create internal secretions which affect the functioning of all other glands of internal secretion, including such vitally the vitally important pelvic thrust endocrine glands as your pancreas, thyroid, parathyroids, adrenal and pituitary glands.

Your sex drive affects your nervous system, your circulatory system, your respiratory system, your digestive system, your excretory system, your muscular system and your endocrine system, as well as your reproductive system. It could not be otherwise, because your sex glands empty" their products of internal secretion directly into your blood-stream, which serves every cell, tissue, organ, and system that make up your entire body. It is impossible to divorce your sex drive from your body as a whole because it is an inherent, integral part of it, from birth to death, and influences everything you think or feel or do.

The sex drive is basic to all the sex problems that face man today. Sigmund Freud contended that the restrictions placed upon the human being by society force him to curtail or inhibit his strongest natural desire, that of sex gratification, and that this frustration produces both physiological and psychological tensions that find relief in a host of mental, emotional, and physical outlets. If there were no sex drive it is highly probable that there would be no sex problems as we know them today.

Your sex drive is a natural God-given attribute and just as much a part of your makeup as hunger for food. The organs through which your sex drive expresses itself are just as important to you as your heart, lungs, kidneys, or liver. Sex organs and sex functions are just as common, just as normal, and just as essential as any other organs or functions. You can no more deny the desire for sexual gratification than you can deny the desire for food when hungry.

No problem has ever been solved by ignoring it or running away from it, and the problems of sex are no exception. We must view sex intelligently and objectively, facing facts honestly and squarely, and adjusting ourselves accordingly.

The sex drive, like all other drives associated with the satisfaction of basic organic needs, has a definite unlearned core. It can be found in all humans, whether primitive or civilized, educated or uneducated, and regardless of race, color, or habitat. Physiologically there is a change in the chemical composition of the blood, which is brought about by the injection of a sex hormone into the bloodstream. The presence of this hormone in large amounts upsets the chemical equilibrium of the blood and sets up internal tensions that seek release through sexual intercourse.

In animals, the secretion of the sex hormone, the cycles of sex activity, and even sex behavior itself, are totally unlearned. In humans, though the secretion is unlearned and there is measurable periodicity in females, the resultant sex behavior is greatly modified by past learning and experience. In addition, because of their higher mental and emotional organization, there are psychological involvements which are unknown in the animal world.
In primitive societies, when young people reached sexual maturity, they were considered ready for mating and found natural outlets for their sex urges. There were no frustrations, reservations, or inhibitions, and the sexual act could be enjoyed fully and freely to the utmost capacity of the two participants. Sexual intercourse was a simple, uncomplicated response to a fundamental biological urge.

Modern civilization has become more and more complex, and a great deal more time is required to prepare youth to assume the responsibilities of adulthood. As a result, mating is now delayed long beyond the peak period of the sexual drive in the male, and usually well after sexual maturity has been reached by the female. Our society demands that the sexual urge be controlled until after marriage but does not really practice what it preaches.

Consequently, I sexual expression becomes a clandestine matter with overtones of guilt.
To complicate matters still more, there is still considerable puritanical carry-over from the strict, straitlaced eras we have left behind; there is conflict in the mores of three generations all living at the same time; there is a definite lag between what people profess and their actions; and finally, there is the deliberate exploitation of the sex urge to sell products and services of every kind. What was once a relatively simple, basic, physiological drive has become so diffused, so colored, so modified, twisted, frustrated, or sublimated that it is almost impossible to recognize the 'I endless ramifications.

Unfortunately, this has led to fears, doubts, misgivings, guilt feelings, unhealthy attitudes, internal conflicts, repressions, tensions, psychological complexes, sexual deviations, impatience, frigidity, and numerous other sexual problems.