Sexual Behaviour In Youth


Outward signs play an important  role to  express love.  But there is  vast difference in these signs between boy and girl.

Things to be Done by Girl:A girl always shows  her love  by outward actions, such  as the following: She never looks  the man in the face, and becomes abashed when she is looked  at, by him; under some pretext or other she gone away from her side, hangs down her head when she  is asked some question by him, and answers in indistinct  words and unfinished sentences.

Delights to be in his company for a long time, speaks to her  attendants in a peculiar tone with  the hope of attracting  his  attention towards her when she is at a distance from him, does not wish to go  from the place where he is, under some pretext or other she makes him look at different things.

Narrates to him tales  and stories  very slowly  so that she may continue conversing with  him fro a long time, kisses and embraces before him a child  sitting in her lap, draws ornamental marks on the foreheads of her fennel servants, performs  sportive and graceful movements when her attendants speak jestingly to her in the presence of her lover.

Confides in her lover's friends, and respects and obeys them,  engages  them to do her work as if she were their  mistress, and  listen attentively to them when they tell stories  about her lover  to somebody else, enters his house when induced to do so by the daughter of her nurse.

And by her assistance manages to converse and foreplay with him, avoids being seen by her lover when she is not dressed and decorated, give him by the hand of her female. 

Friend her ear ornament, ring , or  garland of  flowers that he may have presented to  her,  becomes dejected when any other  bridegroom is mentioned by her parents,  and  does not  mix with those  who may be of his party, or who may support his claims.

There are also some verses on the subject as follows:"A man, who has seen  and perceived the feelings of the girl towards him, and who has noticed the outward signs and movements by which those feelings are expressed should do everything  in his power to effect  a union  with her. 

He should  gain over a young  girl by childlike sports, a damsel come of age by his  skill  in the arts, and a girl that loves him by having  recourse to persons  in whom she confides."

Old authors say that although the girl  loves the man ever so much, she should not offer herself,  for a girl who does this, loses  her dignity,  and is  liable to be  scorned  and rejected. 

But when  the man shows his wish to enjoy her, she should  be  favorable to him and should show no charge  in her demeanor when he embraces her, and should receive all the manifestations of his love as if she were ignorant of the state of his mind.  

But when he tries to kiss her she should oppose him; when he begs to be allowed to have sexual intercourse with her she should  let him heal touch importuned by him, she should  let him  touch importuned by him, she should  resist  hi attempts to have  her. 

It is only, moreover when she is certain that she is truly loved  and that her  lover  is indeed devoted to her, and will not change his mind, that  she should then given  herself  up to him, and  persuade him to marry her quickly.  After losing her virginity she should tell her  confidential friends about  it.