Sexual Behaviour In Youth


Before entering  into the vast field of sex, let us dispel certain  myths and unreasoned, baseless and unfounded notions about certain sex matters as also about sex organs. Entire descriptions will revolve around marital coitus and marital sex,  even though scattered reference to other topics, may be pound here and there.

Length  of Penis: It is  often a male gender worry. Some people think that  by having a lengthy penis they can get  more sexual pleasure during coition and that their partner would  also get sexually 'worked up' or excited as, according to him (the male), she loves husbands/ men who have long penis.

Men also nurture an idea that their spouse prefers the  persons who have long and hard penis. But, certain  women also  are afraid that  by pushing  the lengthy penis in their vaginas, their male partners will rip their vaginas apart.

Actually speaking length of a penis must not cause any sort of inferiority power complex or any fear in the minds of either sex. It is not the length that matters, but what matters is as to how long and how best a man can satisfy his spouse. Short length of male organ should be no cause of worry for any male. Certain men, even when they have long penis do ejaculate earlier and thus fail to satisfy their sexually aroused  women. 

On the contrary some men, even with not lengthy penis, are not found inferior in sexually satisfying  their women. The women are not concerned, of course, as to how best their  men can quench their  sexual thirst to achieve orgasm. Length of penis is a mere psychological  phobia which must be dispelled as soon as possible.

When a penis  is ‘flaccid’ (or in non-erect position) is usually is 3” long or so, and 4” or so from base to tip.  In normal erectile position length of a penis would be around  6 ” or so, with slight variations. So, it is rather immaterial  as to how  long penis a person has. What,  in fact matters  and should matter as to how and in what  way, and above all, how long can a man  hold his ecstasy.

A word of  caution for the ladies.They should  never demoralise  their husbands  or ridicule  them, belittle them or compare them with other persons, as far as length of penis is concerned, who have  got longer penis.  The poor fellow would be deeply hurt, and may even become  impotent.  For the male to view his penis in a mirror or in a bath room would relieve, reassure and also satisfy his ego and thus his inferiority complex would vanish. 

Moreover, length of a penis has no relation  with virility and sex  performance of a man. Never let the penile size be a hurdle in the enjoyment of sexual act, rather  concentrate your attention, on other new aspects of love play.

Size of Vagina and Depth Young married  ladies are scared to approach or be approached by their husbands for the sheer fear that entry of penis would rip apart their vaginas. As already explained, the soft  tissues in the vagina are so spongy, soft and flexible that they can accommodate any kind of male organ.

The male also shouldn't have any such misgiving either. If the woman is properly excited during pre-coital play (or foreplay) the vagina, gets lubricated. Simple point to keep in mind is that if a woman can expel the baby from her vagina then where does  the sex of a male organ stand? 

Vagina is like a roomy  passage, which extends upwards and backwards several inches with soft, well bolstered comfortable walls  and the pleasurable 'dewy secretion' that  lubricates the opening, makes it easy to slip  out and slip in. this love juice is generated by the vaginal walls which pour the secretion ahead.

According to Masters and Johnson, within 30 seconds the woman's vagina is moist enough  to  allow entry of male penis.  Lubrication and muscular relaxation will facilitate male organ entry. So, the real job is done by the lubricating vagina juice. Actually a lubricated vagina is indicative of its readiness to accept entry  of male organ.

The best way for a woman to keep her vaginal  muscles in perfect humor is to do exercise with  vagina muscles by way of expansion and contractions. This  process would also strengthen the muscles and tighten  them also.