Sexual Behaviour In Youth


Hereunder, we suggest the methods of exciting sexual passion in a women, starting from hair to downwards up to thighs.

Hair: Men have preference for long, curly, lustrous hair. Some like dark black or not very dark, or dark brown or light brown hair. Long and curly hair are traits of a woman, though now there is a fashion to have shoulder cut or boy-cut hair. 

Man, by nature, would prefer to play fondling with a woman hair, like to untangle them, bring tufts of hair over shoulders and  breasts of his mate. Long hair, in India, are considered a sign of femininity and beauty but in western countries, trimmed hair are preferred and liked. Fondle  with her hair-moving your fingers gently and softly over hair.

Some women have extremely thick hair which  when played with or entangled with, cause sore feeling. If your mate dislikes playing with her hair, don't do anything which antagonizes her. Love is always a matter of mutual compromise, and never of any ill will or confrontation. 

Assent is the essence of any successful pre-coital play or foreplay. During a few initial love episodes, both the partners will gradually come to realize what are the  likes and dislikes of one's partner. 

Time will solve many such handicaps and pitfalls. Proceed together, reach orgasm in coitus, if you want to enjoy timely ejaculation and climax. Don't ever force your will and preference over those of your partner.

Lips, Tongue and Mouth (Kissing): Mouth is one of the most powerful of all erogenous zones, above the neck. Mouth is the gateway to what we ingest and it is through mouth that our digestive process starts. Not only that, mouth is the first arousal point, but is requires to be handled gently. 

But, some women, especially the traditional and hackneyed Indian lady, a believer in whatever is orthodox and religious, would not like to be kissed  on cheeks. 

But permissive, neo rich, pseudo modern and advance Indian lady has hardly, rather none at all, any qualms about kissing or being kissed, rather she would like to outwit  her western counterpart and may even prove to be more permissive.

Kissing needs to planning, it is  an instantaneous and sexy act. You can kiss your beloved in kitchen, in bathroom, in cinema hall, while dancing, during coitus, while changing clothes, while she is busy in domestic chores or when serving some dish to you. Kissing brigs you nearer  your wife who draws nearer to you and firmly  holds her man in her arms to feel the heat and intensity of his proximity.

Erotic sensations derived differ from person to person. In some person kissing lands them in heightened frenzy, whereas in others it may even dampen their sexual feelings. Mouth sucking, which includes lips and tongue, is such a practice that hastens sexual sensitivity and sends sensuality to new heights.  

It is an act of intimacy, producing sensory signals which,  in turn, symbolizes penetration (of tongue in the partner's mouth which points to French kissing or 'Soul Kissing') and that of penis in the vagina. (the opening of which resembles also lips called, rightly labia majora/ minora). Genital stimulation can be easily triggered by sucking partner's of (either sex) lips and/or tongue. If the man starts by deeply, but  gently, kissing  his wife, he will cause stimulated reaction in other knowledge of sex  organs.

There are couples (not necessarily pertaining to married couples alone) who not only enjoy, but prefer also, continuous kissing during sex whereas some men prefer an occasional kiss. Some men opt for passionate kissing, landing  the other partner into vaginal lubrication or love-dews.  

More than man, it is the woman who desires to be cuddled and held. During the course of kissing, some men fondle with their woman's hair, press and gently play on the earlobes, often kissing the eyes and cheeks too.

As mouth is one of the most highly charged sensual zones of female erogenous zones, very few men pay much attention to this aspect, generally keeping them busy in other erotic acts. They even forget that to kiss a woman on her lips is t prepare their woman for sexual act. First kiss your partner's lips many a time, inducing  her for a redound action.

Push your tongue deep into her mouth, frequently running the tip of tongue in the inside portion of her cheeks and lips. Now turning her neck slightly on one side, try to heal touch her hard palate with the tip of your tongue.