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Healing Men's Sexual Problems

Although the focus in sexual healing is on the healing power  of sexuality and how sexual touch can heal emotions, physical problems, and relationships, I have included two extensive chapters on treating specific male and female sexual problems. Because they often go untreated and are  stigmatized, I feel it is  important  to discuss these issues here.

Some experts believe that if you  heal your emotions, work on your relationship, and love each other, then all sexual problems will work themselves  out.  I disagree.  I've known couples who had a great marriage, wonderful children, career success, enough  money,  everything  you could want and their sex life was still lousy.  Why?  Because many sexual  problems  spring from a life of faulty learning, and people need specific  exercises to unlearn them.

While I believe that it is possible to heal specific  sexual problems without being in a  loving relationship, I also believe that there is a better chance your sexual  problems will be healed if you approach them in the context of an intimate, loving relationship.  For example, overcoming   premature ejaculation, a very common male sexual problem, is largely a matter of  understanding  and practicing  the mechanics of the PC muscle  and ejaculation.  a man can learn the  mechanics of ejaculation  control  by himself  without having a relationship  with a lover, but if that same  man heals his sexual problems  with his partner, he ultimately learns to how make love, not just  how to have better ejaculations.  He also has the opportunity to develop more control specifically during healer with intercourse.  And, he is surrounded by his partner's loving acceptance of him.  Regardless of whether you are in an intimate relationship or not, these exercises will help improve your sexual functioning they are that powerful.

The most common sexual problems that men encounter are low sexual desire, rapid ejaculation, erection problems (impotence), and inhibited male orgasm and ejaculation, and these are discussed below.

Low Sexual Desire

What has happened to a man who once had a  stable desire for sex but no longer feels  this desire?  in some cases, especially with older men, this lack of sex therapy is caused by a deficiency of the hormone testosterone.  If you or your partner is experiencing a  complete lack of sex drive, it is best to have a physician check your testosterone levels.  It is rare for men to have clinically significant low testosterone levels.  If you check out with normal levels, you might try boosting your levels by regular genital stimulation and activity.

If testosterone deficiency  is not the cause, examine the influences  in your life need healing.  There can be non biological, nonphysical  causes for lack of desire.  I tend to think of them in  three  categories, ranging from least to most serious.  First, thing like temporary stress, lack of sexual knowledge or experience, and lack of stimulating activities can put a damper on sexual inspiration.  These influences are relatively easy to remedy: if you are stressed out,  increasing  relaxations (your  ability to relax and your opportunities  to relax) is key.  A day off or a weekend away  will give your desire a chance to grow.  Exploring sexually informative materials such as books, videos, or audiotapes can also  go a long way toward  sparking desire.

The next level of causes  is mild depression and anxiety.  Again, these are fairly straightforward to alleviate with relaxation exercises and other treatments.   Temporary "fixes"  for anxiety and depression include almost any change in routine.  Laughter is a simple and  effective boost:  go out  and do  something fun; rent funny movies; reach out to entertaining friends.

If your low sexual desire is because of the first two types of causes mentioned, the exercises in sexual healing will work wonders  for you, especially the front, back, and genital caresses in chapter 5.

A more serious cause of low sexual desire is the repression or denial of some traumatic event in the past.  If you suspect this is the case for you, seek the help of a qualified therapist.  While other tactics may provide band aid approaches that temporarily stimulate your desire, the only permanent solution is to get at the root of the issue and work through the effects of the trauma.