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The Dimensions of Sexual Healing

Sexual healing is not just the healing of specifically sexual difficulties. "Sexual healing" encompasses the health giving, life affirming effects that sexual arousal and sexual expression can bring to people. Sexual healing uses lovemaking to heal physical ailments, mental difficulties, and emotional problems, as well as promoting healing from the effects of sexual trauma or abuse. It extends to the many ways in which lovemaking can strengthen your immune system, boost your overall health, and deepen your relationship.

In sexual healing I have tried to convey the holistic, healing powers of loving, sexual contact.  Not surprisingly, this book has been more difficult than my other books, in part because of the intensely personal nature of this subject and in part because of the unique, intangible powers of sexuality. With this  book I hope  to inspire people who want  something  more than  just a  sex manual people  who wish to make love with their hearts, minds,  and souls , not simply their bodies.

There are plenty of books out there that can tell you how to boost your immune system or give you tricks for improving your sex life by taking better knowledge through sex therapy. So, what does sexual healing do that these books don't?  It shows you how to become a sexual healer. Unfortunately, when it comes to sex, most people are still stuck wondering whether they are "normal."  As a result, current  books about sexuality place too much emphasis on orgasm, techniques, and mechanics. And most sex experts offer advice to the tune of "Place Tab A into slot B." Sadly, our obsessive search for the right   partner, the right position, or the right vibrator has blinded us to the joyful, healing aspects of lovemaking.

In sexual healing, I have to help you answer questions such as "how do i touch?"  "How do I feel better about myself?" And "How do we embrace the spiritual dimension of our relationship?"  Because I have had the unique experience of working directly with clients, my books are known for their very practical advice.  I offer down-to-earth exercises that really work and you will find more of these here.  The secret door to sexual  healing lies in these time-tested exercises, which have helped hundreds of my clients.  The exercises will create a physical connection between you and your partner that will open the pathway to emotional and spiritual healing.

The Healing Mindset

In addition to the physical exercises you and your partner do, Sexual Healing encourages you to develop a healing mindset. This is the first step to becoming a sexual healer. In anything having to do with health, your expectations and intentions are crucial in determining whether healing will take place. Whenever you do an exercise, take care to gather your energies and attention into a positive, healthful frame of mind. Try to feel the many facets of a loving relationship unconditional love, acceptance, unselfish good will, complete involvement, positive energy, and lack of pressure or goal orientation. Then, transmit them nonverbally to your partner. Don't expect to be able to feel and convey all of these right away. We are all on a journey toward this mindset. Try, as best you can during any exercise, to embody and convey the expectation that you and your partner will be healed. Over time, after you work with the exercises, you will find that your healing mindset will grow stronger and richer, and will come more naturally.

Intimacy, Mutuality, and Commitment

These qualities are your touchstones, linking the energy of your physical love with the encompassing potential of a healing mindset. To explain these qualities simply: intimacy is a feeling of emotional closeness; mutuality means experiencing the same thing at the same time or working toward the same goal at the same time; commitment is a promise that you agree to keep, whether it is a commitment to stay with your lover, or a commitment to change.

You will find, as you work the exercises, that these qualities both spring from and are necessary to sexual healing. If during one of the exercises you come up against a feeling of resistance, whether a little twinge or something stronger, heed that feeling and consider where it might be coming from. Is it telling you something about the level of intimacy or commitment you and your partner share? Does it illuminate issues within you that need healing? Are you willing to engage in sexual healing exercises, to open up to the powers of mutuality, to tackle these issues?

It's natural to feel hesitant or even a bit intimidated when we realize the power and import of actions we are about to take. But I encourage you to challenge yourself, take the plunge, reach out, and stretch. You will be greatly satisfied by what you find.

If at any time during an exercise you have strong feelings or reactions that you don't feel comfortable pursuing, back off from the exercise and relax with a more basic exercise that gives you comfort, reassurance, and pleasure. Afterward, talk with your partner about what happened and why. Use the opportunity to high light and address how that aspect needs healing. These sexual healing exercises are for learning, cultivating, and sharing the healing power complex of intimate sexuality; they are not activities to be "accomplished."