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Sexual Fitness

You don't have to be an athlete to make great love that's what is so wonderful about  lovemaking. Anybody, at any level of fitness, can have satisfying sexual intimacy. If you have physical problems or limitations, you can still make love by adjusting  your position, limiting the amount of time you spend, or eliminating certain activities that cause you physical problems.  All it takes is some creativity and listening to your body.

There are a few simple things you can do to get in better "love-making shape." I call them "sexual fitness exercises" but  don't worry; they don't work up a sweat.  By strengthening the muscles in your  genitals and pelvic area and learning how to relax the rest of your body, you can spend more delicious time in intimate,  aroused  lovemaking.

General Fitness

Before we get into specific pelvic exercises, let's talk for a minute about general aerobic fitness. Are you in great physical  condition a triathlete or marathon runner? Are you a fitness disaster area a true couch potato? Most of us are somewhere  in between. To receive the most healing from this program, you need to  have a basic  level of general  fitness. What does this mean?

If you smoke, please do your best to stop now or begin tapering off. It is proven fact that cigarette smoking is one of the worst things you can do for your love life. Nicotine is a stimulant that restricts blood flow to the small blood vessels in your skin. It erodes your ability to feel sensations and impairs circulation to the point that many smokers have difficulty having orgasms and, for male smokers, getting erections. If you don't exercise on a regular basis, start walking. Try to take a brisk walk for fifteen or twenty minutes every day. Any exercise you can get will energize you and prepare you for love-making. As always, consult your physician before you begin any exercise program.


I do believe that eating and drinking, like making love, are two of the greatest pleasures in life. Simple pleasures like these are largely the things in life that you share with your partner. I also believe you can enjoy great foods and drink great wine without becoming obese or an alcoholic. Have you heard of the so-called French paradox? The French are renowned for eating fatty foods and drinking I wine, and yet they are healthier and in better shape than Americans. There are a lot of possible explanations for this, one being that the French tend not to snack between meals and, while growing up, they exercise more. And don't forget, the French are fat molls for their abilities as lovers as well. Could it be that they r know something we don't about how pleasurable eating, drinking, wine and lovemaking fit into a healthy, cohesive life style?

On a more serious note, there is no doubt that nutrition is critical to maintaining a healthy body and overall well-being, so it is important to make sure your nutritional needs are being met. Are you severely overweight? I don't mean "pleasingly plump, which is normal and not unhealthy. If you are clinically , overweight, 20 to 40 percent or more above the ideal weight for I. your height, it may put a damper on a satisfying sex life through sex therapy . That much excess weight can directly impair your ability not only to move around during lovemaking, but to feel sensations in the genital area and to have orgasms and erections. Man who are severely overweight often find that the fat layer over their pelvic area reduces their penis length by several inches, which becomes a direct cause of problems in making love.

If you need to lose weight, don't beat yourself up over it. Focus on appreciating your body and caring for it, not abusing yourself about it. Start eating healthy fruits and vegetables, watch your fat intake, and begin walking every day. If you need a more stringent diet or exercise program, please see your physician for advice. It could be the single best thing you do for yourself.


Many people believe that certain drugs are aphrodisiacs drugs that stimulate sexual desire. But aphrodisiacs do not exist. Sharing an occasional glass or two of wine or champagne with your partner may help the two of you loosen up and let go of the week's stresses, but I would not recommend this as a regular practice. I have seen alcohol do irreparable harm to lovemaking and loving relationships. Alcohol use causes severe problems with erections, ejaculation, desire, and orgasm.

Some people report that they feel more sexual desire if they smoke marijuana or snort cocaine. Any positive sexual effects from these drugs are short-term. The long-term effect of all illegal drugs is to impair your ability to make love, on top of ruining your physical and mental health.

What about prescription drugs? Impaired sexual response is a side effect of many prescription drugs, including ulcer medications, high-blood pressure medications, and even antihistamines. If you are concerned about a current prescription you may be taking, consult your physician to discuss your options.

I am not a health nut or fitness buff; and generally prefer to spend my time talking about the positive aspects of lovemaking; still this is advice I must give if you want your lovemaking to be better so that you share a powerful, healing bond with your partner, stop smoking, moderate your eating, drinking, and prescription medications, get some exercise, and don't use illegal drugs.